Meeting attendance

Venue:   Meeting will be held in accordance with Statutory Instrument 2020/392. Link to live stream available via

Contact:    Ian Ford Email: or Telephone:

Meeting attendance
Attendee Role Attendance
Councillor Jayne Chapman Chairman Present
Councillor Chris Griffiths Vice-Chairman Present
Councillor Chris Amos Committee Member Apologies (Unspecified)
Councillor Garry Calver Committee Member Present
Councillor John Chittock Committee Member Present
Councillor Paul Clifton Committee Member Apologies, sent representative (Unspecified) Substituted by Councillor Gina Placey
Councillor Kanagasundaram King Committee Member Apologies (Business duties)
Councillor Pam Morrison Committee Member Present
Councillor Gina Placey Committee Member Present as substitute
Councillor Mark Stephenson Committee Member Present
Ian Davidson Officer In attendance
Damian Williams Officer In attendance
Anastasia Simpson Officer In attendance
Linda Trembath Officer In attendance
Ian Ford Officer In attendance
Keith Durran Officer In attendance
Karen Hardes Officer In attendance
Hattie Dawson-Dragisic Officer In attendance