Meeting attendance

Venue:   Meeting will be held in accordance with provisions of SI 2020/392. Link to the live stream will be found at

Contact:    Ian Ford Email: or Telephone
01255 686584

Meeting attendance
Attendee Role Attendance
Councillor Alan Coley Chairman Present
Councillor Maurice Alexander Vice-Chairman Present
Councillor Zoe Fairley Committee Member Present
Councillor Kanagasundaram King Committee Member Present
Councillor Delyth Miles Committee Member Apologies, sent representative (Other health-related reason) Substituted by Councillor Mark Stephenson
Councillor Gina Placey Committee Member Present
Councillor Graham Steady Committee Member Present
Councillor Mark Stephenson Committee Member Present as substitute
Richard Barrett Officer In attendance
Richard Bull Officer In attendance
Ian Ford Officer In attendance
Debbie Bunce Officer In attendance
Debbie West Officer In attendance
Matt Cattermole Officer In attendance