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Decisions published
Title Date Effective from Call-ins
21/01552/FUL - Land East of School Road, Elmstead ref: 970304/08/202204/08/2022Not for call-in
17/01881/OUT & 19/00045/REFUSE - Land to South of Weeley Road, Great Bentley ref: 970204/08/202204/08/2022Not for call-in
22/00057/FUL - Lanswood Park, Broomfield Road, Elmstead ref: 970105/08/202205/08/2022Not for call-in
22/00896/LBC 8 The Street Weeley Clacton On Sea ref: 959426/07/202226/07/2022Not for call-in
22/00418/FUL The Crown 51 High Street Manningtree ref: 959326/07/202226/07/2022Not for call-in
22/00954/LUPROP The Foremans House The Walls Mistley ref: 959126/07/202226/07/2022Not for call-in
22/00706/FULHH 9 Railway Street Manningtree Essex ref: 958826/07/202226/07/2022Not for call-in
22/00950/FULHH 53 Colchester Road Lawford Manningtree ref: 959026/07/202226/07/2022Not for call-in
22/00858/ADV Bruff 29A The Parade Walton On The Naze ref: 958926/07/202226/07/2022Not for call-in
22/00690/FUL Land adjacent 211 Walton Road Walton On The Naze Essex ref: 958726/07/202226/07/2022Not for call-in
22/00924/FULHH 69 Horsey Road Kirby Le Soken Frinton On Sea ref: 958526/07/202226/07/2022Not for call-in
21/02168/FULHH Ampers Barn Rectory Road Weeley Heath ref: 958626/07/202226/07/2022Not for call-in
22/00196/FUL Former Methodist Church The Street Little Clacton ref: 959226/07/202226/07/2022Not for call-in
22/00833/VOC Regency House 45 The Parade Walton On The Naze ref: 957927/07/202227/07/2022Not for call-in
22/00579/FULHH 19 Furze Crescent Alresford Colchester ref: 957827/07/202227/07/2022Not for call-in
22/00536/LBC The Crown 51 High Street Manningtree ref: 957727/07/202227/07/2022Not for call-in
22/00437/FUL The Crown 51 High Street Manningtree ref: 957627/07/202227/07/2022Not for call-in
22/00965/FULHH 53 Holland Road Little Clacton Clacton On Sea ref: 957527/07/202227/07/2022Not for call-in
22/00734/FULHH Newholme Plough Road Great Bentley ref: 957427/07/202227/07/2022Not for call-in
22/00613/FULHH 40 Harwich Road Little Oakley Harwich ref: 957327/07/202227/07/2022Not for call-in
22/00141/OUT Well House Chestnut Way Brightlingsea ref: 957028/07/202228/07/2022Not for call-in
21/00428/DETAIL Heath Lodge Clacton Road Weeley Heath ref: 956928/07/202228/07/2022Not for call-in
22/00964/FULHH 47 Stallards Crescent Kirby Cross Frinton On Sea ref: 957127/07/202227/07/2022Not for call-in
20/00197/FUL Dovercourt Haven Caravan Park Low Road Dovercourt ref: 957227/07/202227/07/2022Not for call-in
22/00992/VOC Acacia House Brightlingsea Road Thorrington ref: 956829/07/202229/07/2022Not for call-in
22/01124/NMA Park Manse 24 New Road Mistley ref: 956701/08/202201/08/2022Not for call-in
21/01860/FUL Thorpe Park Solar Farm Land South of Thorpe-Le-Soken Tendring ref: 956201/08/202201/08/2022Not for call-in
22/00992/VOC Acacia House Brightlingsea Road Thorrington ref: 956601/08/202201/08/2022Not for call-in
22/00940/COUNOT A & D Reclaim Sladburys Farm Sladburys Lane ref: 956501/08/202201/08/2022Not for call-in
22/00869/FUL The Book Service Colchester Road Frating ref: 956002/08/202202/08/2022Not for call-in
22/00545/FULHH Dormy Lodge 83 New Road Mistley ref: 956301/08/202201/08/2022Not for call-in
22/00665/FUL Cowley Park Recreation Ground Mill Street St Osyth ref: 956102/08/202202/08/2022Not for call-in
22/00931/FUL Rosier Crown Lane Tendring ref: 955604/08/202204/08/2022Not for call-in
22/00933/FULHH Hammonds Farm Bromley Road Ardleigh ref: 955504/08/202204/08/2022Not for call-in
21/01567/FUL Hut 14 Wrabness Foreshore Stone Lane ref: 955904/08/202204/08/2022Not for call-in
22/00856/FUL Atlanta Building Kings Promenade Clacton On Sea ref: 955804/08/202204/08/2022Not for call-in
22/00914/FULHH 11 Beatrice Road Walton On The Naze Essex ref: 955704/08/202204/08/2022Not for call-in
22/00995/FULHH 105 Rochford Way Walton On The Naze Essex ref: 955304/08/202204/08/2022Not for call-in
22/00391/FUL Land to rear of 8A Holland Road Little Clacton ref: 955404/08/202204/08/2022Not for call-in
22/00794/LBC The Abbey Abbey Street Thorpe Le Soken ref: 956401/08/202201/08/2022Not for call-in
22/01013/FULHH 22 Baynards Crescent Kirby Cross Frinton On Sea ref: 954904/08/202204/08/2022Not for call-in
22/01003/FULHH 19 Florence Road Walton On The Naze Essex ref: 955204/08/202204/08/2022Not for call-in
22/01005/FULHH 48 Gorse Way Jaywick Clacton On Sea ref: 955104/08/202204/08/2022Not for call-in
22/01011/FULHH 10 Station Road Thorpe Le Soken Clacton On Sea ref: 955004/08/202204/08/2022Not for call-in
22/01026/FULHH 41 Dover Road Brightlingsea Colchester ref: 954804/08/202204/08/2022Not for call-in
To agree an assignment of the Lease over land adjacent to Willow Tree Day Nursery Clacton ref: 954405/08/202205/08/2022Not for call-in
To complete the Lease of the former public conveniences, Ipswich Road, Holland on Sea ref: 954305/08/202205/08/2022Not for call-in
21/01552/FUL - Land to The East of School Road School Road Elmstead Essex CO7 7ET ref: 953905/08/202205/08/2022Not for call-in
22/00199/FUL 1 Harwich Road Mistley Manningtree Essex CO11 1ND ref: 954105/08/202205/08/2022Not for call-in
22/00057/FUL Lanswood Park Broomfield Road Elmstead Essex CO7 7FD ref: 954005/08/202205/08/2022Not for call-in
22/00963/COUNOT - Harveys Farm Old Ipswich Road Ardleigh Colchester Essex CO7 7QS ref: 954201/08/202201/08/2022Not for call-in
21/01539/FUL - 35 Humber Avenue Jaywick Clacton On Sea Essex CO15 2JX ref: 953805/08/202205/08/2022Not for call-in
TCB GC Funding Contribution for 2021-22 ref: 953728/04/202228/04/2022Not for call-in
Agreed funding for TCB GC for year 2020/21 ref: 953629/04/202229/04/2022Not for call-in
Planning Inspectorate Costs for the Tendring Section 2 Local Plan examination ref: 953528/01/202228/01/2022Not for call-in
Temporary Event Notice - TENOP/4518/22 ref: 953405/08/202205/08/2022Not for call-in
Temporary Event Notice - TENOP/4519/22 ref: 953305/08/202205/08/2022Not for call-in
TENOP/4516/22 - Temporary Event Notice - Weeley Village Hall ref: 953004/08/202204/08/2022Not for call-in
TENOP/4514/22 - Temporary Event Notice - Prettyfields Viineyard Ltd ref: 952904/08/202204/08/2022Not for call-in
18/00483/PREMGR - Change of Designated Premises Supervisor - Marks and Spencer ref: 952704/08/202204/08/2022Not for call-in
22/00392/PREMTR - Premises Transfer - Bockings Elm Post Office ref: 952604/08/202204/08/2022Not for call-in
TENOP/4515/22 - Temporary Event Notice - Greensward Field ref: 952804/08/202204/08/2022Not for call-in
22/00419/BOATMG - Boatman Licence Grant - Mrs S M Fairhall-Smith ref: 952402/08/202202/08/2022Not for call-in
TENOP/4512/22 - Temporary Event Notice - Walton Market ref: 952303/08/202203/08/2022Not for call-in
09/00678/PREMGR - Change of Designated Premises Supervisor - Tesco Stores, Walton ref: 952203/08/202203/08/2022Not for call-in
22/00389/HCVGR - Hackney Carriage Vehicle Grant - Plate No T176 ref: 951801/08/202201/08/2022Not for call-in
TENOP/4513/22 - Temporary Event Notice - Bar 3 ref: 952103/08/202203/08/2022Not for call-in
22/00369/HCVRN - Hackney Carriage Vehicle Renewal - Plate No T301 ref: 951902/08/202202/08/2022Not for call-in
TENOP/4511/22 - Temporary Event Notice - Seawick Holiday Park ref: 951702/08/202202/08/2022Not for call-in
22/00383/HCDRN3 - Hackney Carriage Driver Renewal - Mr D George ref: 951501/08/202201/08/2022Not for call-in
Renewal of the Essex Partnership Pan Essex Counter Fraud Data Matching System and the Vulnerable Intelligent Persons Emergency Response (VIPER) ref: 953204/08/202204/08/2022Not for call-in
22/00426/HCVRN - Hackney Carriage Vehicle Renewal - Plate No T103 ref: 953104/08/202204/08/2022Not for call-in
Temporary Event Notice - TENOP/4510/22 ref: 951401/08/202201/08/2022Not for call-in
22/00418/PREMTR - Premises Transfer - Unique Cafe and Restuarant ref: 951602/08/202202/08/2022Not for call-in
Performance Outturn Report 2021- 2022 ref: 952502/08/202202/08/2022Not for call-in
New Road Naming Decision ref: 951301/08/202210/08/2022Call-in expired
Change of Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS) Application - 09/00678/PREMGR - Tesco Stores, High Street, Walton ref: 951129/07/202229/07/2022Not for call-in
Allocations within the Housing Investment Programme ref: 951028/07/202228/07/2022Not for call-in
Revise Equality Impact Assessment process ref: 950926/07/202226/07/2022Not for call-in
Temporary Event Notice - TENOP/4509/22 - Watershed Studios, St Cleres Hall Lane, St Osyth ref: 950728/07/202228/07/2022Not for call-in
Personal Licence Grant - TDX2388 : 22 - W Orrock ref: 950828/07/202228/07/2022Not for call-in
20/01797/FUL & 21/00043/NONDET - Land East of Tye Road, Elmstead ref: 950625/07/202225/07/2022Not for call-in
16/00421/FUL - Chicken Farm, Thorpe Road, Little Clacton ref: 950425/07/202225/07/2022Not for call-in
Hackney Carriage Vehicle - Renewal - 22/00397/HCVRN ref: 950328/07/202228/07/2022Not for call-in
Hackney Carriage Vehicle - Renewal - 22/00393/HCVRN ref: 950228/07/202228/07/2022Not for call-in
Temporary Event Notice - TENOP/4508/22 ref: 950127/07/202227/07/2022Not for call-in
Temporary Event Notice - TENOP/4507/22 ref: 950027/07/202227/07/2022Not for call-in
Temporary Event Notice - TENOP/4506/22 ref: 949927/07/202227/07/2022Not for call-in
Change of Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS) Application - 22/00374/PREMTR ref: 949827/07/202227/07/2022Not for call-in
Interim Agreement - Rough Sleeper Early Intervention Work ref: 949726/07/202226/07/2022Not for call-in
22/00391/STCOLL - Street Collection Permit - RNLI ref: 949626/07/202226/07/2022Not for call-in
22/00367/HCDRN3 - Hackney Carriage Driver Renewal - Mr K Calver ref: 949526/07/202226/07/2022Not for call-in
22/00387/VEHTEM - Hackney Carriage Vehicle Temporary Licence - Plate No T900 ref: 949425/07/202225/07/2022Not for call-in
22/00390/HCVRN - Hackney Carriage Vehicle Renewal - Plate No T038 ref: 949325/07/202225/07/2022Not for call-in
22/00342/PREMVA - Premises Licence Variation - Frinton On Sea Womens Institute ref: 949225/07/202225/07/2022Not for call-in
22/00388/HCVRN - Hackney Carriage Vehicle Renewal - Plate No T204 ref: 948825/07/202225/07/2022Not for call-in
22/00066/HCDGR3 - Hackney Carriage Driver Grant - Mr P Eve ref: 948422/07/202222/07/2022Not for call-in
22/00380/PHVRN - Private Hire Vehicle Renewal - D Whittam ref: 948721/07/202221/07/2022Not for call-in
22/00386/DCM - Street Trading Permit - Dovercourt Market - Mr J Race ref: 949025/07/202225/07/2022Not for call-in
TENOP/4505/22 - Temporary Event Notice - Ocean House, Marine Parade East, Clacton ref: 948620/07/202220/07/2022Not for call-in
TDX2387 : 22 - Personal Licence Grant - Mr G T Bowen ref: 948525/07/202225/07/2022Not for call-in
Section 106 release towards the Ball Court, Western Promenade, Brightlingsea ref: 948209/05/202209/05/2022Not for call-in
22/00695/FUL - Admirals Farm, Heckfords Road, Great Bentley, CO7 8RS ref: 948122/07/202222/07/2022Not for call-in
22/00385/HCVRN - Hackney Carriage Vehicle Renewal - Plate No T287 ref: 948922/07/202222/07/2022Not for call-in
Acceptance of Government Grant for Changing Places Projects ref: 949125/07/202225/07/2022Not for call-in
22/00314/HCDRN3 - Hackney Carriage Driver Renewal - Mr T Downs ref: 948322/07/202222/07/2022Not for call-in
22/00333/HCVGR - Hackney Carriage Vehicle Grant - Plate No T166 ref: 935129/07/202229/07/2022Not for call-in
22/00350/HCDRN3 - Hackney Carriage Driver Renewal - Mr T Dawson ref: 934928/07/202228/07/2022Not for call-in