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Decisions published
Title Date Effective from Call-ins
22/01664/FUL - Langley House, High Street, Thorpe-le-Soken CO16 0EA ref: 1140126/05/202326/05/2023Not for call-in
22/01412/LBC - Hill House, 100 Halstead Road, Kirby Cross CO13 0LP ref: 1140026/05/202326/05/2023Not for call-in
Personal Licence Grant - TDX2451 : 23 (C. Carmichael) ref: 1139625/05/202325/05/2023Not for call-in
Personal Licence Grant - TDX2452 : 23 (A. Sharman) ref: 1139525/05/202325/05/2023Not for call-in
Lottery Permit Grant - 23/00333/LOTT - R. Gwinnel & Sons ref: 1139724/05/202324/05/2023Not for call-in
Temporary Event Notice - TENOP/4755/23 - SS Mary & Michael Church, New Road, Mistley (Summer Concert) ref: 1139922/05/202322/05/2023Not for call-in
Temporary Event Notice - TENOP/4751/23 - Swallows, Bromley Road, Ardleigh ref: 1139822/05/202322/05/2023Not for call-in
TENOP/4757/23 - Temporary Event Notice - The Hall, Long Lane, Tendring ref: 1139423/05/202323/05/2023Not for call-in
TENOP/4754/23 - Temporary Event Notice - Rolph C of E School - High Street, Thorpe-le-Soken ref: 1139323/05/202323/05/2023Not for call-in
TENOP/4756/23 - Temporary Event Notice - The Applegarth Coffee Shop - Garden Centre, Frinton Road, Kirby Cross ref: 1139223/05/202323/05/2023Not for call-in
TENOP/4758/23 - Temporary Event Notice - Oakwood - Samsons Road, Brightlingsea ref: 1139126/05/202326/05/2023Not for call-in
TENOP/4759/23 - Temporary Event Notice - Jessicas Place - Rosemary Road, Clacton-on-Sea ref: 1139026/05/202326/05/2023Not for call-in
TENOP/4753/23 - Temporary Event Notice - Buzz Bingo - Pier Avenue, Clacton-on-Sea ref: 1138919/05/202319/05/2023Not for call-in
23/00261/PREMGR - Premises Licence Grant - Nikkis Cafe - Seaview Parade, Seaview Road, St Osyth ref: 1138824/05/202324/05/2023Not for call-in
23/00325/PREMTR - Premises Licence Transfer - Arnies Bar - Connaught Avenue, Frinton-on-Sea ref: 1138723/05/202323/05/2023Not for call-in
TDX2450 : 23 - Personal Licence Grant - Mrs C Ates ref: 1138623/05/202323/05/2023Not for call-in
23/00204/HCDGR3 - Hackney Carriage Driver Grant - Mr C Giles ref: 1138525/05/202325/05/2023Not for call-in
23/00329/HCDRN3 - Hackney Carriage Driver Grant - Mr D Chase ref: 1138425/05/202325/05/2023Not for call-in
23/00285/FUL - Land South of Sunflower Cottage Spring Valley Lane Ardleigh Essex ref: 1138325/05/202325/05/2023Not for call-in
23/00481/FULHH 44 Dugmore Avenue Kirby Le Soken Frinton On Sea Essex CO13 0ED ref: 1138025/05/202325/05/2023Not for call-in
23/00516/FULHH - 28 Fourth Avenue Frinton On Sea Essex CO13 9DX ref: 1138225/05/202325/05/2023Not for call-in
23/00502/FULHH - Evenlode Straight Road Bradfield Manningtree Essex CO11 2RA ref: 1138125/05/202325/05/2023Not for call-in
23/00480/FUL - 122 Connaught Avenue Frinton On Sea Essex CO13 9AD ref: 1137925/05/202325/05/2023Not for call-in
22/00034/FUL - Plot Between Alcha and Kings Lodge King Street Bradfield Manningtree Essex CO11 2RD ref: 1137825/05/202325/05/2023Not for call-in
23/00430/FULHH 1 Old Pier Street Walton on the Naze Essex ref: 1137517/05/202317/05/2023Not for call-in
23/00463/COUNOT Harveys Farm Old Ipswich Road Ardleigh ref: 1137617/05/202317/05/2023Not for call-in
23/00586/HHPNOT 31 Keswell Grove Dovercourt Harwich ref: 1137417/05/202317/05/2023Not for call-in
23/00433/FULHH 37 Ipswich Road Holland on Sea ref: 1137317/05/202317/05/2023Not for call-in
23/00458/FULHH 8 East Terrace Walton on the Naze Essex ref: 1137217/05/202317/05/2023Not for call-in
23/00508/FULHH 5 George Street Harwich Essex ref: 1136822/05/202322/05/2023Not for call-in
23/00563/HHPNOT 24 Gernon Road Ardeligh Colchester ref: 1137122/05/202322/05/2023Not for call-in
23/01368/FUL Europa House Europa Way Ramsey ref: 1137022/05/202322/05/2023Not for call-in
23/00401/FULHH Dane Cottage 58 The Street Kirby Le Soken ref: 1136922/05/202322/05/2023Not for call-in
23/00377/FULHH Blenheim Bromley Road Ardleigh ref: 1136722/05/202322/05/2023Not for call-in
22/01596/VOC Land to the South of Weeley Road Great Bentley ref: 1136422/05/202322/05/2023Not for call-in
23/00470/FULHH 276 Colchester Road Lawford Manningtree ref: 1136519/05/202319/05/2023Not for call-in
23/00618/NMA Heath Lodge Clacton Road Weeley Heath ref: 1136324/05/202324/05/2023Not for call-in
23/00439/OUT Land West of Hunyani Ardleigh Road Little Bromley ref: 1136023/05/202323/05/2023Not for call-in
23/00150/FUL Oakfield Wood Burial Ground Ash Street Wrabness ref: 1135923/05/202323/05/2023Not for call-in
23/00429/FULHH 102 The Avenue Clacton on Sea Essex ref: 1136223/05/202323/05/2023Not for call-in
23/00454/FUL Land to the rear of 23 Manor Road Great Holland ref: 1136123/05/202323/05/2023Not for call-in
22/01903/FULHH Reedlands Cottage Holland Road Little Clacton ref: 1135823/05/202323/05/2023Not for call-in
23/01902/LBC Reedlands Cottage Holland Road Little Clacton ref: 1135723/05/202323/05/2023Not for call-in
23/00428/FLUHH 14 Salisbury Road Holland on Sea Essex ref: 1135623/05/202323/05/2023Not for call-in
23/00580/HHPNOT Maltings Church Road Thorrington ref: 1135524/05/202324/05/2023Not for call-in
Tendring/Colchester Borders Garden Community Joint Committee - TDC Cabinet Representative Member ref: 1137723/05/202323/05/2023Not for call-in
23/00625/NMA Land North of Cockaynes Lane Alresford ref: 1136619/05/202319/05/2023Not for call-in
Media training provider selection ref: 1135423/05/202323/05/2023Not for call-in
23/00323/HCVRN - Hackney Carriage Vehicle Renewal - Plate No T279 ref: 1135319/05/202319/05/2023Not for call-in
TENOP/4748/23 - Temporary Event Notice - Manningtree High Street (Earth Festival) ref: 1135218/05/202318/05/2023Not for call-in
TENOP/4747/23 - Temporary Event Notice - The Ship Inn, Walton Road, Kirby-le-Soken ref: 1135118/05/202318/05/2023Not for call-in
TENOP/4749/23 - Temporary Event Notice - Seawick Holiday Park, Beach Road, St. Osyth ref: 1135019/05/202319/05/2023Not for call-in
TENOP/4750/23 - Temporary Event Notice - The McGrigor Hall, Fourth Avenue, Frinton-on-Sea ref: 1134919/05/202319/05/2023Not for call-in
TENOP/4752/23 - Temporary Event Notice - St Mary's Primary School, Colchester Road, Ardleigh ref: 1134819/05/202319/05/2023Not for call-in
15/00109/PREMTR - Change of Designated Premises Supervisor - The Bowling Green, Colchester Road, Weeley ref: 1134719/05/202319/05/2023Not for call-in
23/00319/HCVRN - Hackney Carriage Vehicle Renewal - Plate No T274 (S Spencer) ref: 1134517/05/202317/05/2023Not for call-in
23/00315/HCVGR - Hackney Carriage Vehicle Grant - Plate No T255 (G Swain) ref: 1134415/05/202315/05/2023Not for call-in
23/00314/HCVRN - Hackney Carriage Vehicle Renewal - Plate No T097 (B Petts) ref: 1134215/05/202315/05/2023Not for call-in
23/00318/HCVRN - Hackney Carriage Vehicle Renewal - Plate No T148 (S Reeve) ref: 1134316/05/202316/05/2023Not for call-in
23/00312/HCVRN - Hackney Carriage Vehicle Renewal - Plate No T033 (K Boyd) ref: 1134115/05/202315/05/2023Not for call-in
23/00007/HCDRN3 - Hackney Carriage Driver Renewal - Mr M Skinner ref: 1134015/05/202315/05/2023Not for call-in
23/00310/PHVRN - Private Hire Vehicle Renewal - Plate No 017 (C Evans) ref: 1133916/05/202316/05/2023Not for call-in
TDX2448 : 23 - Personal Licence Grant - Mrs S J Whittle ref: 1132817/05/202317/05/2023Not for call-in
TDX2447 : 23 - Personal Licence Grant - Miss H A Pryer ref: 1132617/05/202317/05/2023Not for call-in
TDX2449 : 23 - Personal Licence Grant - Miss J F Roberts ref: 1132718/05/202318/05/2023Not for call-in
TDX2445 : 23 - Personal Licence Grant - Miss L J Chase-Gardener ref: 1132415/05/202315/05/2023Not for call-in
TDX2446 : 23 - Personal Licence Grant - Mr J Fradley ref: 1132515/05/202315/05/2023Not for call-in
TENOP/4739/23 - Temporary Event Notice - West Beach, Clacton Seafront (Family Event) ref: 1133815/05/202315/05/2023Not for call-in
TENOP/4744/23 - Temporary Event Notice - Toby Carvery, Marine Parade West, Clacton (Air Show) ref: 1133716/05/202316/05/2023Not for call-in
TENOP/4743/23 - Temporary Event Notice - The Royal Oak PH, Main Road, Harwich (Live Singer in Garden) ref: 1133616/05/202316/05/2023Not for call-in
TENOP/4736/23 - Temporary Event Notice - Ravens Academy, Nayland Drive, Clacton (Summer Fete) ref: 1133515/05/202315/05/2023Not for call-in
TENOP/4740/23 - Temporary Event Notice - Hawks Farm, Colchester Road, Weeley (Music Event) ref: 1133415/05/202315/05/2023Not for call-in
TENOP/4741/23 - Temporary Event Notice - Furze Hill Recreation Ground, Shrubland Road, Mistley ref: 1133316/05/202316/05/2023Not for call-in
TENOP/4742/23 - Temporary Event Notice - Lido, Promenade Way, Brightlingsea (1940s Dance Night) ref: 1133215/05/202315/05/2023Not for call-in
TENOP/4746/23 - Temporary Event Notice - Bradfield Village Hall (Race Night) ref: 1133117/05/202317/05/2023Not for call-in
TENOP/4745/23 - Temporary Event Notice - 17 Winchester Road, Frinton-on-Sea (RNLI Open Garden) ref: 1133017/05/202317/05/2023Not for call-in
22/00670/PREMGR - Change of Designated Premises Supervisor - Authentic Caribbean Restaurant, Sports Bar and Nightclub, Marine Parade East, Clacton ref: 1132918/05/202318/05/2023Not for call-in
23/00322/STCOLL - Street Collection Permit - National Deaf Children's Society - Clacton area - ref: 1132318/05/202318/05/2023Not for call-in
23/00320/STCOLL - Street Collection Permit - Clacton Air Show - Various locations in Clacton-on-Sea ref: 1132217/05/202317/05/2023Not for call-in
23/00005/HCDGR3 - Hackney Carriage Driver Grant - Mr R White ref: 1132115/05/202315/05/2023Not for call-in
23/00301/HCDRN3 - Hackney Carriage Driver Renewal - Mr P A Griffiths ref: 1132016/05/202316/05/2023Not for call-in
23/01036/LIABE - Renewal of Licence - Boarding for Cats - Holly Swain - Meadowcroft Cattery, Wrabness Road, Ramsey CO12 5NJ ref: 1134617/05/202317/05/2023Not for call-in
TDC formal response to Five Estuaries Wind Farm statutory consultation ref: 1131812/05/202312/05/2023Not for call-in
To grant a short term Licence over part of York Road Car Park, Holland-on-Sea ref: 1131716/05/202316/05/2023Not for call-in
To enter into a Grant Agreement with Essex County Council in respect of funding provided to recruit a Domestic Abuse Co-ordinator ref: 1131616/05/202316/05/2023Not for call-in
Release of Section 106 funds to Alresford Parish Council ref: 1131515/04/202315/04/2023Not for call-in