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Decisions published
Title Date Effective from Call-ins
23/01355/ADV - Unit 1 Clacton Trade Park Old Road Clacton On Sea Essex CO15 1FX ref: 1202522/11/202322/11/2023Not for call-in
23/01354/FUL - Unit 1 Clacton Trade Park Old Road Clacton On Sea Essex CO15 1FX ref: 1202622/11/202322/11/2023Not for call-in
Wellbeing Hubs in primary schools - payments to schools ref: 1201822/11/202322/11/2023Not for call-in
Appointment of contractor for Tokely Road, Frating play area ref: 1201920/11/202320/11/2023Not for call-in
Appointment of contractor for resurfacing of Vista Road Carpark ref: 1201716/11/202316/11/2023Not for call-in
23/01273/FUL - 99 Woodlands Close, Clacton-on-Sea CO15 4RY ref: 1201622/11/202322/11/2023Not for call-in
23/01428/FULHH - 21 Warley Way Frinton On Sea Essex CO13 9PA ref: 1201522/11/202322/11/2023Not for call-in
Collaboration Agreement with HMLR - Migration of the Local Land Charges Register ref: 1201421/11/202321/11/2023Not for call-in
Levelling Up Fund / Capital Regeneration Projects PH Working Party: Further Change in Membership ref: 1201321/11/202321/11/2023Not for call-in
Initiation of Property Dealing procedure: Sites in Clacton adjacent to LUF Bid Site ref: 1201220/11/202329/11/2023Call-in expired
Licensing Delegations - 13/11/2023 to 17/11/2023 ref: 1200817/11/202317/11/2023Not for call-in
Extension of the current contract for the provision of glass recycling banks ref: 1201014/11/202314/11/2023Not for call-in
Change of Membership: Levelling Up Fund / Capital Regeneration Projects PH Working Party ref: 1200920/11/202320/11/2023Not for call-in
23/01390/FULHH - 2 Meadow Close Great Bromley Colchester Essex CO7 7UG ref: 1200617/11/202317/11/2023Not for call-in
23/01124/FUL - 1 Meredith Road, Clacton-on-Sea CO15 3AQ ref: 1200417/11/202317/11/2023Not for call-in
23/01406/HHPNOT - 19 Woodgreen Estate, Plough Road, Great Bentley CO7 8NP ref: 1200517/11/202317/11/2023Not for call-in
23/00344/LIPET - Licence to Sell Animals as Pets - The Cats Nest Essex, Red House, John De Bois Hill, Ardleigh CO7 7PH ref: 1200315/11/202315/11/2023Not for call-in
Princes Theatre & Essex Hall Redecoration ref: 1200215/11/202315/11/2023Not for call-in
IT Managed Network Services contract for the Council’s Sheltered Accommodation properties ref: 1200115/11/202315/11/2023Not for call-in
Signing of a Civic University Agreement ref: 1200013/11/202313/11/2023Not for call-in
Licensing Delegations - 06/11/2023 to 10/11/2023 ref: 1199910/11/202310/11/2023Not for call-in
23/00646/FUL - Kalm Oak Nursery, Hunters Chase, Ardleigh, Colchester, CO7 7LW ref: 1199810/11/202310/11/2023Not for call-in
23/00622/VOC - Land to The South of Weeley Road, Great Bentley ref: 1199710/11/202310/11/2023Not for call-in
23/01283/FULHH - Three Bells, 1 Church Road, Frating, Colchester, CO7 7HE ref: 1199610/11/202310/11/2023Not for call-in
23/00881/VOC - Stanton Europark, Freshfields Road, Harwich ref: 1199510/11/202310/11/2023Not for call-in
Leader of the Council's Items - A.3 - Financial Performance Report 2023/24 - General Update at the end of September 2023 ref: 1198310/11/202310/11/2023Not for call-in
Matters Referred to the Cabinet by a Committee - Reference from the Planning Policy & Local Plan Committee - A.1 - Draft Jaywick Sands Place Plan ref: 1198010/11/202310/11/2023Not for call-in
Leader of the Council's Items - A.2 - Our Vision - A New Corporate Plan 2024/28 ref: 1198110/11/202310/11/2023Not for call-in
Street Naming Decision - Land rear of 185 Thorpe Road, Kirby Cross ref: 1199410/11/202320/11/2023Call-in expired
23/01333/FULHH - The Orchard, The Street, Ardleigh CO7 7LD ref: 1199309/11/202309/11/2023Not for call-in
23/01277/OUT - Land at Tenpenny Farm, north of St. Osyth Road, Alresford CO7 8DH ref: 1199209/11/202309/11/2023Not for call-in
23/00686/FUL - Woodlands, 217 Harwich Road, Little Clacton CO16 9PX ref: 1199109/11/202309/11/2023Not for call-in
23/01159/FUL - 64 Tile Barn Lane Lawford Manningtree Essex CO11 2LT ref: 1198209/11/202309/11/2023Not for call-in
23/01269/FUL - 88 Woodberry Way Walton On The Naze Essex CO14 8EW ref: 1198409/11/202309/11/2023Not for call-in
23/01343/FULHH - 103 Hall Lane, Walton-on-the-Naze CO14 8HW ref: 1197708/11/202308/11/2023Not for call-in
23/01123/FUL - Land East of School Road, Frinton-on-Sea CO13 9LA ref: 1197607/11/202307/11/2023Not for call-in
23/01512/NMA - Land at Moorlands Farm, Weeley Road, Great Bentley CO7 8RS ref: 1197506/11/202306/11/2023Not for call-in
23/01473/NMA - Lower Farm East End Green Brightlingsea Colchester Essex CO7 0SX ref: 1197406/11/202306/11/2023Not for call-in
23/01457/NMA - The Laurels Parsonage Lane Tendring Clacton On Sea Essex CO16 0DE ref: 1197306/11/202306/11/2023Not for call-in
23/01378/FULHH - Baytrees Oatlands Elmstead Colchester Essex CO7 7EN ref: 1197206/11/202306/11/2023Not for call-in
Request to Release Section 106 money for Play Facilities at Tokely Road, Frating ref: 1197908/11/202308/11/2023Not for call-in
23/01294/FULHH - 101 Flatford Drive, Clacton-on-Sea CO16 8BU ref: 1197807/11/202307/11/2023Not for call-in