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Decisions published
Title Date Effective from Call-ins
Licensed Premises 2 Machine Notification - 23/00060/GAMNOT - &-9 Marine Parade East, Clacton-on-Sea ref: 1065031/01/202331/01/2023Not for call-in
Appointment of EELGA to undertake a review of housing services via an exemption from procurement rules ref: 1064930/01/202330/01/2023Not for call-in
23/00066/STCOLL - Street Collection Permit - Royal Air Force Association ref: 1063726/01/202326/01/2023Not for call-in
23/00053/HCCV - Hackney Carriage Change of Vehicle - Plate No T022 ref: 1063826/01/202326/01/2023Not for call-in
23/00067/DCM - Dovercourt Market Permit - Harwich and Dovercourt Partnership ref: 1063626/01/202326/01/2023Not for call-in
22/00223/PREMGR - Change of Designated Premises Supervisor - Martello Lounge ref: 1063227/01/202327/01/2023Not for call-in
23/00065/HSECOL - House Collection Permit - ALZHEIMERS RESEARCH UK ref: 1063526/01/202326/01/2023Not for call-in
23/00050/HCVGR - Hackney Carriage Vehicle Grant - Plate No T278 ref: 1063426/01/202326/01/2023Not for call-in
23/00058/HCVRN - Hackney Carriage Vehicle Renewal - Plate No T113 ref: 1063325/01/202325/01/2023Not for call-in
Premises Licence - Transfer - 23/00037/PREMTR - Golden Fillet, Frinton Road, Holland-on-Sea ref: 1063127/01/202327/01/2023Not for call-in
Cabinet Members' Items - Report of the Partnerships Portfolio Holder - A.9 - Equality and Inclusion Strategy 2023 to 2027 ref: 1064727/01/202304/02/20230
Assignment of the Lease of the Colonnade Kiosk, Walton-on-the-Naze ref: 1063012/01/202312/01/2023Not for call-in
Release of S106 money for Thorrington PC-Play Equipment ref: 1062825/01/202325/01/2023Not for call-in
Purchase of Garage Plot 5 Blenheim Road, Clacton-on-Sea ref: 1062724/01/202302/02/20230
Contract Renewal with Oneserve IT System ref: 1062424/01/202324/01/2023Not for call-in
Request to release for Thorrington PC- Outside Gym ref: 1062925/01/202325/01/2023Not for call-in
Release of Section 106 monies to Tendring Parish Council ref: 1062613/12/202213/12/2022Not for call-in
Temporary Event Notice - TENOP/4648/23 - The Alma Inn, Kings Head Street, Harwich ref: 1062525/01/202325/01/2023Not for call-in
To determine the maximum amounts recoverable from the Council by the returning officer at District Council elections ref: 1062324/01/202324/01/2023Not for call-in
23/00044/HCVRN - Hackney Carriage Vehicle Renewal - Plate No T003 ref: 1061719/01/202319/01/2023Not for call-in
23/00048/HCVRN - Hackney Carriage Vehicle Renewal - Plate No T124 ref: 1062119/01/202319/01/2023Not for call-in
23/00042/HCVRN - Hackney Carriage Vehicle renewal - Plate No T067 ref: 1062017/01/202317/01/2023Not for call-in
23/00049/HCVRN - Hackney Carriage Vehicle Renewal - Plate No T036 ref: 1061919/01/202319/01/2023Not for call-in
23/00052/HCVRN - Hackney Carriage Vehicle Renewal - Plate No T284 ref: 1062220/01/202320/01/2023Not for call-in
23/00043/HCVRN - Hackney Carriage Vehicle Renewal - Plate no T014 ref: 1061819/01/202319/01/2023Not for call-in
23/00003/HCDRN3 - Hackney Carriage Driver Renewal - Mr W Champion ref: 1061123/01/202323/01/2023Not for call-in
23/00035/HCDRN3 - Hackney Carriage Driver Renewal - Mr M Mead ref: 1061519/01/202319/01/2023Not for call-in
23/00036/HCDRN3 - Hackney Carriage Driver Renewal - Mr T G Mackenzie ref: 1061420/01/202320/01/2023Not for call-in
22/00629/HCDRN3 - Hackney Carriage Driver Renewal - Mr J Lammond ref: 1061324/01/202324/01/2023Not for call-in
23/00033/HCDRN3 - Hackney Carriage Driver Renewal - Miss C Fisher ref: 1061216/01/202316/01/2023Not for call-in
23/00039/HCDRN3 - Hackney Carriage Driver Renewal - Mr M K B Scott ref: 1061623/01/202323/01/2023Not for call-in
23/00004/HCDRN3 - Hackney Carriage Driver Renewal - Mr P Barry ref: 1061020/01/202320/01/2023Not for call-in
Extension of National Lottery Heritage Funded Clacton 150 Project ref: 1060924/01/202324/01/2023Not for call-in
Licensed Premises Gaming Machine Permit - 23/00051/LPGMP - Skinners Arms, Lawford ref: 1060824/01/202324/01/2023Not for call-in
Sports Facilities Service Contracts ref: 1060723/01/202323/01/2023Not for call-in
To agree terms for the freehold disposal of land situated to the front and rear of Leng Court, Windmill Park, Clacton-on-Sea. ref: 1060617/01/202317/01/2023Not for call-in
Release of Section 106 money to Great Bromley Parish Council ref: 1060531/10/202231/10/2022Not for call-in
Licensed Premises 2 Machine Notification - 23/00034/GAMNOT - Skinners Arms PH, Lawford ref: 1060419/01/202319/01/2023Not for call-in