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Decisions published
Title Date Effective from Call-ins
Archaeological Borehole Study - Jaywick Sands ref: 728024/06/202124/06/2021Not for call-in
21/00657/FUL 75-77 Connaught Avenue Frinton on Sea ref: 727923/06/202123/06/2021Not for call-in
Award of contract - Beat the Street: Outdoor Activity Based Games in Harwich ref: 727624/06/202124/06/2021Not for call-in
Change of Designated Premises Supervisor - 05/00582/PREMCV ref: 727524/06/202124/06/2021Not for call-in
Hackney Carriage Drivers Renewal - 21/00325/HCDRN3 ref: 727424/06/202124/06/2021Not for call-in
21/00315/HCVRN - Hackney Carriage Vehicle Renewal - Plate No T218 ref: 726823/06/202123/06/2021Not for call-in
21/00309/HCVRN - Hackney Carriage Vehicle Renewal - Plate No T228 ref: 726924/06/202124/06/2021Not for call-in
21/00120/HCVRN - Hackney Carriage Vehicle Renewal - Plate No T165 ref: 726723/06/202123/06/2021Not for call-in
21/00303/HCVRN - Hackney Carriage Vehicle Renewal - Plate No T149 ref: 726621/06/202121/06/2021Not for call-in
21/00317/HCCO - Hackney Carriage Vehicle Change of Owner - Plate No T074 ref: 726421/06/202121/06/2021Not for call-in
21/00318/HCVRN - Hackney Carriage Vehicle Renewal - Plate No T123 ref: 726521/06/202121/06/2021Not for call-in
21/00319/HCVRN - Hackney Carriage Vehicle Renewal - Plate No T016 ref: 726323/06/202123/06/2021Not for call-in
TDX2294 : 21 - Personal Licence Grant - Mr E Agirdici ref: 726023/06/202123/06/2021Not for call-in
21/00314/HCDRN3 - Hackney Carriage Driver Renewal - Mrs C Whittam ref: 727321/06/202121/06/2021Not for call-in
21/00268/PREMGR - Premises Licence Grant - 11 St Pauls Road, Clacton ref: 725922/06/202122/06/2021Not for call-in
17/00632/PREMTR - Change of Designated Premises Supervisor - The Cross Inn ref: 726123/06/202123/06/2021Not for call-in
TENOP/4097/21 - Temporary Event Notice - White Lodge, London Road, Little Clacton ref: 727222/06/202122/06/2021Not for call-in
TENOP/4095/21 - Temporary Event Notice - Thorrington Scout Camp ref: 727122/06/202122/06/2021Not for call-in
TENOP/4098/21 - Temporary Event Notice - The House, Crow Lane, Tendring ref: 727024/06/202124/06/2021Not for call-in
TENOP/4096/21 - Temporary Event Notice - Hawks Farm Car Boot Sale Site ref: 726222/06/202122/06/2021Not for call-in
Initiation of the Property Dealing Procedure in respect of 25 pieces of land/property across the District of Tendring ref: 727824/06/202102/07/20210
Potential acquisition of 36 Sea Way and 26-27 Tamarisk Way, Jaywick Sands ref: 727724/06/202102/07/20210
Wellbeing Hubs in Primary Schools ref: 725823/06/202123/06/2021Not for call-in
Payment of developer's fees associated with approval of tenant alteration requests at 10, 30 and 36 Bramwood Road, Clacton on Sea ref: 725721/06/202121/06/2021Not for call-in
21/00403/FUL Beccles Rainham Way Frinton On Sea Essex CO13 9NP ref: 725618/06/202118/06/2021Not for call-in
21/00765/FUL 26 Rochford Way Walton On The Naze Essex CO14 8RW ref: 724818/06/202118/06/2021Not for call-in
21/00524/FUL The Rose 63 The Street Kirby Le Soken Frinton On Sea Essex CO13 0EG ref: 725518/06/202118/06/2021Not for call-in
21/00568/FUL Grove Farm Tan Lane Little Clacton Clacton On Sea Essex CO16 9PT ref: 725418/06/202118/06/2021Not for call-in
21/00563/FUL 63 Harwich Road Mistley Manningtree Essex CO11 1NA ref: 725318/06/202118/06/2021Not for call-in
21/00584/FUL 49 Ravensdale Clacton On Sea Essex CO15 4QH ref: 725218/06/202118/06/2021Not for call-in
21/00642/FUL Merryday Cottage 80 Second Avenue Frinton On Sea Essex CO13 9LX ref: 725118/06/202118/06/2021Not for call-in
21/00627/FUL The Collies Lower Farm Lane Brightlingsea Colchester Essex CO7 0SU ref: 725018/06/202118/06/2021Not for call-in
21/00753/FUL 27 Balton Way Dovercourt Harwich Essex CO12 4UP ref: 724918/06/202118/06/2021Not for call-in
21/00773/FUL 12 Albert Gardens Clacton On Sea Essex CO15 6QN ref: 724718/06/202118/06/2021Not for call-in
21/00796/HHPNOT 27 Heronsgate Frinton On Sea Essex CO13 0AW ref: 724618/06/202118/06/2021Not for call-in
Personal Licence Grant application - TDX2304 : 21 ref: 724522/06/202122/06/2021Not for call-in
21/00313/HCVRN - Hackney Carriage Vehicle Renewal - Plate No T007 ref: 724021/06/202121/06/2021Not for call-in
21/00297/HCVGR - Hackney Carriage Vehicle Grant - T085 ref: 724121/06/202121/06/2021Not for call-in
TDX2303 : 21 - Personal Licence Grant - Mrs C E Harris ref: 724421/06/202121/06/2021Not for call-in
TDX2298 : 21 - Personal Licence Grant - Mr Y Top ref: 724321/06/202121/06/2021Not for call-in
Contain Outbreak Management Fund ref: 724221/06/202121/06/2021Not for call-in
21/00306/HCVRN - Hackney Carriage Vehicle Renewal - Plate No T185 ref: 723218/06/202118/06/2021Not for call-in
21/00301/VEHTEM - Temporary Vehicle Licence - Plate No T902 ref: 723517/06/202117/06/2021Not for call-in
21/00293/HCVRN - Hackney Carriage Vehicle Renewal - Plate No T267 ref: 723311/06/202111/06/2021Not for call-in
21/00292/VEHTEM - Temporary Vehicle Grant - Plate No T900 ref: 723415/06/202115/06/2021Not for call-in
21/00289/HCDRN3 - Hackney Carriage Driver Renewal - Mr D Burgess ref: 723118/06/202118/06/2021Not for call-in
TDX2302 : 21 - Personal Licence Grant - Mr A J Creighton ref: 723708/06/202108/06/2021Not for call-in
TDX2295 : 21 - Personal Licence Grant - Mr A YUGANITHAN ref: 723610/06/202110/06/2021Not for call-in
House to House Collection Permit - 21/00310/HSECOL ref: 723918/06/202118/06/2021Not for call-in
TENOP/4091/21 - Temporary Event Notice - Thrive Outdoor, Devereux Farm, Kirby-le-Soken ref: 723810/06/202110/06/2021Not for call-in
To extend the lease TDC has over 21 Kings Head Street Harwich for a further 5 months ref: 723018/06/202118/06/2021Not for call-in
21/00758/FUL St Georges Court Dead Lane Ardleigh Essex CO7 7PF ref: 722917/06/202117/06/2021Not for call-in
21/00704/COUNOT Land rear of Bloomfield Cottage 30 Grange Road Lawford Manningtree Essex CO11 2ND ref: 722817/06/202117/06/2021Not for call-in
21/00546/FUL 65 Feverills Road Little Clacton Clacton On Sea Essex CO16 9NA ref: 722717/06/202117/06/2021Not for call-in
21/00392/OUT Land East of Nortons Barn 72 The Street Kirby Le Soken Frinton On Sea Essex CO13 0EG ref: 722617/06/202117/06/2021Not for call-in
21/00104/FUL - Land at Admirals Farm, Heckfords Road, Great Bentley ref: 722408/06/202108/06/2021Not for call-in
20/01553/FUL GMP Plant Hire The Barn 19 Harwich Road Ardleigh Colchester Essex CO7 7LT ref: 722517/06/202117/06/2021Not for call-in
21/00302/HCVRN - Hackney Carriage Vehicle Renewal - Plate No T039 ref: 721917/06/202117/06/2021Not for call-in
21/00299/HCVGR - Hackney Carriage Vehicle Grant - Plate No T088 ref: 722017/06/202117/06/2021Not for call-in
21/00298/HCCV - Hackney Carriage Change of Vehicle - Plate No T115 ref: 722117/06/202117/06/2021Not for call-in
21/00294/HCCV - Hackney Carriage Change of Vehicle - Plate No T213 ref: 722211/06/202111/06/2021Not for call-in
21/00295/HCVRN - Hackney Carriage Vehicle Renewal - Plate No T232 ref: 722316/06/202116/06/2021Not for call-in
21/00203/HCDRN3 - Hackney Carriage Driver Renewal - Mr P Kudiabor Jnr ref: 721711/06/202111/06/2021Not for call-in
21/00288/PHVRN - Private Hire Vehicle Renewal - Plate No 034 ref: 721417/06/202117/06/2021Not for call-in
TENOP/4094/21 - Temporary Event Notice - Green Island Gardens, Ardleigh ref: 721617/06/202117/06/2021Not for call-in
TENOP/4090/21 - Temporary Event Notice - Bradfield Village Hall and Recreation Ground ref: 721511/06/202111/06/2021Not for call-in
TENOP/4089/21 - Temporary Event Notice - Martello Tower ref: 721808/06/202108/06/2021Not for call-in
Events Funding - Back to Business Delivery Plan ref: 721316/06/202116/06/2021Not for call-in
Pavement Licence under Business and Planning Act 2020 - Moon and Starfish ref: 721216/06/202116/06/2021Not for call-in
Temporary Event Notice - TENOP/4093/21 ref: 721015/06/202115/06/2021Not for call-in
Temporary Event Notice - TENOP/4092/21 ref: 721115/06/202115/06/2021Not for call-in
Wellbeing Hubs Project ref: 720914/06/202114/06/2021Not for call-in
17/01318/FUL - Colne Meadow, Robinson Road, Brightlingsea ref: 720811/06/202111/06/2021Not for call-in