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Decisions published
Title Date Effective from Call-ins
20/01604/FUL 28 Queen Street Brightlingsea Colchester Essex CO7 0PH ref: 629222/01/202122/01/2021Not for call-in
20/01598/FUL Good Hall Coggeshall Road Ardleigh Colchester Essex CO7 7LR ref: 629122/01/202122/01/2021Not for call-in
20/01721/LUPROP 11 Hill Cottages Flag Hill Great Bentley Colchester Essex CO7 8RQ ref: 629022/01/202122/01/2021Not for call-in
21/00032/HCVRN Hackney Carriage Vehicle Licence Renewal ref: 628922/01/202122/01/2021Not for call-in
21/00031/HCVRN Hackney Carriage Vehicle Licence Renewal ref: 628821/01/202121/01/2021Not for call-in
TDX2267 Personal Licence Grant ref: 628521/01/202121/01/2021Not for call-in
TDX2266 Personal Licence Grant ref: 628421/01/202121/01/2021Not for call-in
Road naming decision - Land east of Tye Road, Elmstead Market. ref: 628621/01/202129/01/20210
Interim Review of Polling Places ref: 628721/01/202121/01/2021Not for call-in
20/01817/TPO - Drewan ref: 628311/01/202111/01/2021Not for call-in
20/01815/TPO - 32 Eastcliff Avenue ref: 628211/01/202111/01/2021Not for call-in
20/01742/TPO ref: 627804/01/202104/01/2021Not for call-in
20/01740/TPO - 46 Skelmersdale Road ref: 628004/01/202104/01/2021Not for call-in
20/01741/TPO - 1 Rex Mews ref: 627904/01/202104/01/2021Not for call-in
20/01743/TCA- 6 Rex Mews ref: 628104/01/202104/01/2021Not for call-in
TDX2265 Personal Licence Grant ref: 627720/01/202120/01/2021Not for call-in
21/00027/HCVRN Hackney Carriage Vehice Licence Renewal ref: 627620/01/202120/01/2021Not for call-in
21/00021/HCCV Hackney Carriage Vehicle Licence Change of Vehicle ref: 627520/01/202120/01/2021Not for call-in
External Support for Anti Social Behaviour Matters ref: 627419/01/202119/01/2021Not for call-in
Entering into a Memorandum of Understanding for Eastern Community Homes' Local Authority Partnership ref: 627319/01/202119/01/2021Not for call-in
Charging procedure in respect of Wayleave Agreements from BT or Openreach ref: 627219/01/202119/01/2021Not for call-in
Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Vehicle Licensing ref: 626916/12/202016/12/2020Not for call-in
Freeport East website ref: 627118/01/202118/01/2021Not for call-in
New Road Naming Decision - Land at Hunters Moon, Colchester Road, Wix ref: 627019/01/202127/01/20210
20/01694/TPO - 24 Sunnyside Way ref: 626604/01/202104/01/2021Not for call-in
20/01693/TPO - 96 Rectory Road ref: 626704/01/202104/01/2021Not for call-in
21/00024/HCVRN Hackney Carriage Vehicle Licence Renewal ref: 626818/01/202118/01/2021Not for call-in
20/01684/TPO - Dolphins Windmill Road ref: 626504/01/202104/01/2021Not for call-in
20/01689/TCA - 4 Harwich Road ref: 626404/01/202104/01/2021Not for call-in
20/01686/TCA - The Paddock 50 Colchester Road ref: 626304/01/202104/01/2021Not for call-in
20/01692/TCA - Linksview 5 Second Avenue ref: 626204/01/202104/01/2021Not for call-in
20/01691/TCA - 16 Central Avenue ref: 626104/01/202104/01/2021Not for call-in
20/01690/TCA - Hornbeams Second Avenue ref: 626004/01/202104/01/2021Not for call-in
20/01687/TCA - Maitland Court Old Road ref: 625904/01/202104/01/2021Not for call-in
Ground Maintenance Equipment ref: 625812/01/202112/01/2021Not for call-in
21/00025/HCVRN Hackney Carriage Vehicle Licence Renewal ref: 625718/01/202118/01/2021Not for call-in
TDX2262 Personal Licence Grant ref: 625618/01/202118/01/2021Not for call-in
21/00022/HCDRN3 Hackney Carriage Driver Licence Renewal ref: 625518/01/202118/01/2021Not for call-in
20/01247/FUL Bloomfields Farm Wick Lane Ardleigh Colchester Essex CO7 7RF ref: 625015/01/202115/01/2021Not for call-in
20/01248/LBC Bloomfields Farm Wick Lane Ardleigh Colchester Essex CO7 7RF ref: 625115/01/202115/01/2021Not for call-in
05/01062/PREMGR Change of Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS) Application ref: 625415/01/202115/01/2021Not for call-in
18/00483/PREMGR Change of Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS) Application ref: 625315/01/202115/01/2021Not for call-in
21/00012/NMA Lake House North St Osyth Priory The Bury St Osyth Clacton On Sea Essex CO16 8NZ ref: 624815/01/202115/01/2021Not for call-in
Personal Licence Grant Application - TDX2261 : 21 ref: 624315/01/202115/01/2021Not for call-in
20/01702/FUL 34 Church Road Elmstead Colchester Essex CO7 7AW ref: 624915/01/202115/01/2021Not for call-in
20/01441/FUL 45 Easton Way Frinton On Sea Essex CO13 9NU ref: 625215/01/202115/01/2021Not for call-in
Release of S106 for Lt Oakley Parish Council ref: 623421/10/202021/10/2020Not for call-in
Release of S106 Monies for Weeley PC Petanque Rink ref: 624101/10/202001/10/2020Not for call-in
Release of S106 monies for Lt Clacton- MUGA ref: 623721/10/202021/10/2020Not for call-in
Release of S106 Monies for Harwich Memorial Garden ref: 624004/12/202004/12/2020Not for call-in
Release of S106 monies improvements at Play Area Frinton ref: 623825/11/202025/11/2020Not for call-in
Release of S106 Monies for Frinton Park Tennis Courts ref: 623907/12/202007/12/2020Not for call-in
Next phases of the Local Restrictions Support Grant (OPEN) Scheme and the Additional Restrictions Support Grant Scheme (ARG) ref: 624715/01/202115/01/2021Not for call-in
Release of S106 monies to Thorpe Parish Council ref: 623522/10/202022/10/2020Not for call-in
Release of S106 monies for Bradfield Parish Council ref: 623613/11/202013/11/2020Not for call-in
Release of S106 Monies for Rush Green Clacton ref: 623319/08/202019/08/2020Not for call-in
20/01273/FUL 17 Standley Road Walton on The Naze Essex ref: 622815/12/202015/12/2020Not for call-in
20/01479/FUL 33 Fourth Avenue Frinton on Sea Essex ref: 623115/12/202015/12/2020Not for call-in
20/01539/FUL 3 Cedar Avenue Brightlingsea Colchester ref: 622418/12/202018/12/2020Not for call-in
20/01002/FUL Hillcrest Colchester Road Thorpe Le Soken ref: 622615/12/202015/12/2020Not for call-in
20/01062/FUL 22A High Street Manningtree Essex ref: 622715/12/202015/12/2020Not for call-in
20/01383/FUL 34 Harwich Road Lawford Manningtree ref: 622915/12/202015/12/2020Not for call-in
20/01542/ADV 5 Station Road Clacton on Sea Essex ref: 623215/12/202015/12/2020Not for call-in
20/01407/LUEX Valley Garden Supplies Wignall Street Lawford ref: 623015/12/202015/12/2020Not for call-in
20/01560/LUEX Mulleys Farm Bentley Road Little Bromley ref: 622518/12/202018/12/2020Not for call-in
20/01528/ADV Advertising Right Site 000501 186 Old Road Clacton on Sea ref: 622318/12/202018/12/2020Not for call-in
20/01473/FUL Post Office High Street Clacton on Sea ref: 622118/12/202018/12/2020Not for call-in
20/01529/FUL M&S Foodhall Arthur Ransome Way Walton on the Naze ref: 620523/12/202023/12/2020Not for call-in
20/01586/FUL 22 Manchester Road Holland On Sea Clacton On Sea ref: 621821/12/202021/12/2020Not for call-in
20/01509/FUL 26 The Street Little Clacton Clacton on Sea ref: 622218/12/202018/12/2020Not for call-in
20/00436/ADV Land East of Halstead Road Kirby Cross ref: 622018/12/202018/12/2020Not for call-in
20/01724/AGRIC Sladburys Farm Sladburys Lane Clacton on Sea ref: 621921/12/202021/12/2020Not for call-in
20/01574/FUL 48 Queensway Lawford Manningtree ref: 621721/12/202021/12/2020Not for call-in
20/01496/FUL White Timbers Abbey Street Thorpe Le Soken ref: 621621/12/202021/12/2020Not for call-in
20/01402/FUL Freshfields Bromley Road Frating ref: 621521/12/202021/12/2020Not for call-in
20/01377/FUL Land Adjacent 21 Waterside Brightlingsea ref: 621421/12/202021/12/2020Not for call-in
20/01153/FUL 139 Fronks Road Dovercourt Harwich ref: 621321/12/202021/12/2020Not for call-in
20/01639/HHPNOT 298 Holland Road Clacton on Sea Essex ref: 621222/12/202022/12/2020Not for call-in
20/01423/FUL Soller Spinney Gutteridge Hall Lane Weeley ref: 621022/12/202022/12/2020Not for call-in
20/01504/FUL 17 Whitegate Road Brightlingsea Colchester ref: 621122/12/202022/12/2020Not for call-in
20/01358/FUL Walton Old Hall Lane Walton on The Naze ref: 620822/12/202022/12/2020Not for call-in
20/01359/LBC Walton Hall Old Hall Lane Walton on The Naze ref: 620922/12/202022/12/2020Not for call-in
20/01122/OUT Site Opposite The Moors Heath Road Tendring ref: 620722/12/202022/12/2020Not for call-in
20/00678/FUL Land Adjacent Green End Garage Green End Lane Great Holland ref: 620622/12/202022/12/2020Not for call-in
20/00678/FUL Land Adjacent Green End Garage Green End Lane Great Holland ref: 620422/12/202022/12/2020Not for call-in
20/01449/FUL Greenways Church Lane Great Holland Frinton on Sea ref: 620313/01/202113/01/2021Not for call-in
20/01760/HHPNOT 70 The Avenue Clacton on Sea ref: 620213/01/202113/01/2021Not for call-in
20/01667/FUL 11 Carlton Road Clacton on Sea Essex ref: 620113/01/202113/01/2021Not for call-in
20/01703/FUL 50 Skelmersdale Road Clacton on Sea Essex ref: 619813/01/202113/01/2021Not for call-in
20/01661/FUL 2 Beachcroft Avenue Kirby Cross Frinton on Sea ref: 619513/01/202113/01/2021Not for call-in
20/01668/FUL 8 Park Road Clacton on Sea Essex ref: 619613/01/202113/01/2021Not for call-in
20/01546/LBC 18 High Street Manningtree Essex ref: 619913/01/202113/01/2021Not for call-in
20/01535/FUL 2 Hilton Close Manningtree Essex ref: 619413/01/202113/01/2021Not for call-in
20/01662/FUL Bakers Farm Colchester Road Wix ref: 620013/01/202113/01/2021Not for call-in
20/01699/FUL St Clares School Cloes Lane Clacton on Sea ref: 619713/01/202113/01/2021Not for call-in
20/01471/FUL 13 Tower Street Brightlingsea Colchester Essex ref: 619313/01/202113/01/2021Not for call-in
21/00019/PHVRN Private Hire Vehicle Licence Renewal ref: 619113/01/202113/01/2021Not for call-in
21/00015/HCVRN Hackney Carriage Vehicle Licence Renewal ref: 619213/01/202113/01/2021Not for call-in
21/00018/BOATMG Boatman Licence ref: 619012/01/202112/01/2021Not for call-in
21/00017/HCVRN Hackney Carriage Vehicle Licence Renewal ref: 618912/01/202112/01/2021Not for call-in
21/00016/HCVRN Hackney Carriage Vehicle Licence Renewal ref: 618812/01/202112/01/2021Not for call-in
14/00363/PREMGR Change of Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS) Application ref: 618711/01/202111/01/2021Not for call-in
20/00624/PREMTR Premises Licence Transfer ref: 618611/01/202111/01/2021Not for call-in
20/00615/SMDSIT Scrap Metal Site Licence ref: 618411/01/202111/01/2021Not for call-in
Road Naming Decision - Land rear of 19 The Street, Kirby-le-Soken. ref: 618508/01/202120/01/2021Call-in expired