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Decisions published
Title Date Effective from Call-ins
20/00229/HCVRN Hackney Carriage Vehicle Licence Renewal ref: 478109/04/202009/04/2020Not for call-in
20/00222/BOATMR Boatman Licence 2020 ref: 478009/04/202009/04/2020Not for call-in
20/00227/BOATMR Boatman Licence ref: 477909/04/202009/04/2020Not for call-in
20/00228/BOATRN Boat Licence 2020 ref: 477809/04/202009/04/2020Not for call-in
20/00224/HCVRN Hackney Carriage Vehicle Licence Renewa; ref: 477708/04/202008/04/2020Not for call-in
20/00225/HCVRN Hackney Carriage Vehicle Licence Renewal ref: 477607/04/202007/04/2020Not for call-in
20/00221/BOATMR Boatman Licence ref: 477408/04/202008/04/2020Not for call-in
20/00220/HCVRN Hackney Crriage Vehicle Licence Renewal ref: 477308/04/202008/04/2020Not for call-in
20/00218/PHVRN Private Hire Vehicle Licence Renewal ref: 477207/04/202007/04/2020Not for call-in
20/00209/HCDRN3 Hackney Carriage Driver Licence Renewal ref: 477107/04/202007/04/2020Not for call-in
Request from Weeley Parish to release S106 monies to install a petanque terrain. ref: 477012/02/202012/02/2020Not for call-in
14/00442/PREMGR Change of Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS) Application ref: 476706/04/202006/04/2020Not for call-in
To introduce a policy facilitating the extension of leases for the Council’s Shared Equity Scheme lessees, based upon the statutory scheme that exists in the Leasehold Reform Act 1967 (the LRA 1967). ref: 476905/03/202016/04/20200
To initiate the property dealing procedure in relation to the removal of restrictive covenant in relation to a former Council property in Clacton. ref: 476809/03/202016/04/20200
Audit Committee Reports - March 2020 ref: 476603/04/202003/04/2020Not for call-in
Approval of Reasons for Non-Attendance at Meetings ref: 476503/04/202003/04/2020Not for call-in
Adoption of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance's (IHRA) working definition of Anti-Semitism ref: 476403/04/202011/04/20200
Request from Little Clacton Parish to release £7134.79 from S106 towards building a new Muga at Plough Corner playing fields. ref: 476312/02/202012/02/2020Not for call-in
20/00210/PHVRN Private Hire Vehicle Licence Renewal ref: 476202/04/202002/04/2020Not for call-in
20/00211/HCVRN Hackney Carriage Vehicle Licence Renewal ref: 476102/04/202002/04/2020Not for call-in
20/00165/LUEX - 2 Earls Hall Drive, Clacton on Sea ref: 475901/04/202001/04/2020Not for call-in
20/00053/OUT - Land adjacent 58 Harwich Road, Lawford ref: 476001/04/202001/04/2020Not for call-in
20/00163/LUPROP - 3 Old Stables, Kirby le Soken ref: 475801/04/202001/04/2020Not for call-in
20/00177/FUL - Northview House, The Green, Great Bentley ref: 475701/04/202001/04/2020Not for call-in
20/00129/FUL - Oak Lodge Hall Road Great Bromley Colchester ref: 475627/03/202027/03/2020Not for call-in
20/00116/FUL - 102 Church Road Brightlingsea Colchester Essex ref: 475527/03/202027/03/2020Not for call-in
19/01830/FUL - Land adjacent Lower Park The Walls Mistley Essex ref: 475427/03/202027/03/2020Not for call-in
20/00208/BOATMR Boatman Licence 2020 ref: 475331/03/202031/03/2020Not for call-in
20/00200/BOATRN Boat Licence 2020 ref: 475231/03/202031/03/2020Not for call-in
20/00199/BOATGR Boat Licence 2020 ref: 475131/03/202031/03/2020Not for call-in
20/00201/BOATRN Boat Licence 2020 ref: 475031/03/202031/03/2020Not for call-in
20/00198/BOATGR Boat Licence 2020 ref: 474931/03/202031/03/2020Not for call-in
20/00202/BOATRN Boat Licence 2020 ref: 474831/03/202031/03/2020Not for call-in
20/00206/BOATRN Boat Licence 2020 ref: 474731/03/202031/03/2020Not for call-in
20/00205/BOATRN Boat Licence 2020 ref: 474631/03/202031/03/2020Not for call-in
20/00204/BOATRN Boat Licence 2020 ref: 474531/03/202031/03/2020Not for call-in
20/00203/BOATGR Boat Licence 2020 ref: 474431/03/202031/03/2020Not for call-in
20/00207/BOATRN Boat Licence 2020 ref: 474331/03/202031/03/2020Not for call-in
20/00149/FUL - 361 Point Clear Road, St Osyth ref: 474230/03/202030/03/2020Not for call-in
05/00832/PREMCO Change of Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS) Application ref: 474130/03/202030/03/2020Not for call-in
20/00143/FUL - 42 Barley Close, Mistley ref: 474030/03/202030/03/2020Not for call-in
20/00132/FUL - 53 Horsey Road, Kirby ref: 473930/03/202030/03/2020Not for call-in
TDX2219 Personal Licence Grant ref: 473830/03/202030/03/2020Not for call-in
20/00195/HCVRN Hackney Carriage Vehicle Licence Renewal ref: 473730/03/202030/03/2020Not for call-in
Appointment of the Tendring Community Fund Portfolio Holder Working Party ref: 473630/03/202030/03/2020Not for call-in
20/00170/HCDRN3 Hackney Carriage Driver Licence Renewal ref: 473527/03/202027/03/2020Not for call-in
20/00188/GAMNOT Licensed Premises 2 Machine Notification ref: 473427/03/202027/03/2020Not for call-in