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Decisions published
Title Date Effective from Call-ins
Virement - Anti Social Behaviour Patrol Officer ref: 270516/04/201915/06/2019Call-in expired
Land to south of Long road and west of Clacton Road, Mistley (19/00009/REFUSE) ref: 233710/04/201910/04/2019Not for call-in
19/00303/FUL - Morschach 52 New Road Mistley Manningtree Essex CO11 1BU ref: 230017/04/201917/04/2019Not for call-in
19/00299/FUL - 1 Brahams Cottages Shop Road Little Bromley Manningtree Essex CO11 2PX ref: 229917/04/201917/04/2019Not for call-in
19/00297/FUL - The Lodge 22 Harwich Road Ardleigh Essex CO7 7LS ref: 229817/04/201917/04/2019Not for call-in
19/00284/FUL - 17 Shaftesbury Avenue Dovercourt Essex CO12 4BS ref: 229717/04/201917/04/2019Not for call-in
19/00243/LBC - Anchor House 1A High Street Mistley Manningtree Essex CO11 1HD ref: 229617/04/201917/04/2019Not for call-in
18/02080/FUL - 25 Keynes Way Dovercourt Harwich Essex CO12 3UA ref: 229512/04/201912/04/2019Not for call-in
19/00218/FUL - Hamlin House The Street Ardleigh Colchester Essex CO7 7LD ref: 229412/04/201912/04/2019Not for call-in
19/00259/FUL - Caroroma Old School Lane Elmstead Colchester Essex CO7 7AQ ref: 229312/04/201912/04/2019Not for call-in
19/00185/FUL Birchwood Nursery Harts Lane Ardleigh Colchester Essex CO7 7QH ref: 229216/04/201916/04/2019Not for call-in
19/00276/LUPROP 34 Elm Grove Kirby Cross Frinton On Sea Essex CO13 0HH ref: 229116/04/201916/04/2019Not for call-in
Renewal of Northgate Contract for Revs, Bens and Housing Database / System ref: 228816/04/2019 0
Initiation of the property dealing procedure in relation to the potential acquisition of 23 Hillman Avenue, Jaywick Sands. ref: 228520/03/201929/04/2019Call-in expired
18/00952/FUL Land North of 782 to 828 St Johns Road Clacton On Sea Essex CO16 8BS ref: 228415/04/201915/04/2019Not for call-in
19/00268/FUL 20 Gorse Lane Clacton On Sea Essex CO15 4RN ref: 228315/04/201915/04/2019Not for call-in
19/00271/FUL Magnus Westbury Road Great Holland Essex CO13 0JB ref: 228215/04/201915/04/2019Not for call-in
19/00298/FUL 25 Oakwood Avenue Holland On Sea Essex CO15 5RN ref: 228115/04/201915/04/2019Not for call-in
19/00295/FUL 28 Bentley Road Weeley Essex CO16 9DT ref: 227915/04/201915/04/2019Not for call-in
19/00313/FUL 6 Meadow Close Clacton On Sea Essex CO15 4SN ref: 227815/04/201915/04/2019Not for call-in
19/00309/FUL 120 St Osyth Road West Little Clacton Clacton On Sea Essex CO16 9NY ref: 227715/04/201915/04/2019Not for call-in
19/00304/FUL 55 Stour Close Harwich Essex CO12 4TL ref: 227615/04/201915/04/2019Not for call-in
Diversion of Public Footpath 3 - Great Bentley ref: 227515/04/201915/04/2019Not for call-in
Point Clear Bay (Enforcement) ref: 227412/04/201912/04/2019Not for call-in
Point Clear Bay (Enforcement) ref: 227312/04/201912/04/2019Not for call-in
19/00233/PREMTR - Transfer Premises Licence & Change of DPS ref: 227212/04/201912/04/2019Not for call-in
19/00241/BOATGR - Boat Licence - Mr M Wilkie - Merry Weather ref: 227112/04/201912/04/2019Not for call-in
19/00240/BOATGR - Boat Licence - Mr M Wilkie - Seas of the Day ref: 227012/04/201912/04/2019Not for call-in
19/00239/BOATGR - Boat Licence - Mr M Wilkie - Golden Boy ref: 226912/04/201912/04/2019Not for call-in
19/00238/BOATGR - Boat Licence - Mr M Wilkie - Rib 2 ref: 226812/04/201912/04/2019Not for call-in
19/00237/BOATGR - Boat Licence - Mr M Wilkie - Osea Pearl ref: 226712/04/201912/04/2019Not for call-in
19/00236/BOATRN - Boat Licence - Mr M Wilkie - Jimbo ref: 226612/04/201912/04/2019Not for call-in
19/00235/BOATRN - Boat Licence - Mr M Wilkie - Aeolus ref: 226512/04/201912/04/2019Not for call-in
19/00234/BOATRN - Boat Licence - Mr M Wilkie - Argo ref: 226412/04/201912/04/2019Not for call-in
19/00231/HCVRN - HCV Licence - Mr D Barrett - Plate No T163 ref: 226312/04/201912/04/2019Not for call-in
16/00095/PREMVA - Change of DPS ref: 226212/04/201912/04/2019Not for call-in
TENOP/3675/19 - Temporary Event Notice ref: 226112/04/201912/04/2019Not for call-in
TENOP/3674/19 - Temporary Event Notice ref: 226012/04/201912/04/2019Not for call-in
TENOP/3673/19 - Temporary Event Notice ref: 225912/04/201912/04/2019Not for call-in
TENOP/3672/19 - Temporary Event Notice ref: 225812/04/201912/04/2019Not for call-in
TENOP/3671/19 - Temporary Event Notice ref: 225712/04/201912/04/2019Not for call-in
19/00002/TPO - Land adj Fernview Turnpike Close Ardleigh ref: 225610/04/201910/04/2019Not for call-in
19/00437/TCA - 2 Millers Reach Mistley ref: 225511/04/201911/04/2019Not for call-in
19/00248/FUL - 18 Victoria Road Clacton On Sea Essex CO15 6BH ref: 225411/04/201911/04/2019Not for call-in
19/00436/TCA - Flat 1 Eastry 19 Third Avenue Frinton on Sea ref: 225311/04/201911/04/2019Not for call-in
19/00435/TPO - Land adj 41 Abbigail Gardens Clacton on Sea ref: 225211/04/201911/04/2019Not for call-in
19/00434/TPO - 2 Thornberry Avenue Weeley ref: 225111/04/201911/04/2019Not for call-in
19/00433/TCA - Rolph C of E Primary School High Street Thorpe le Soken ref: 225011/04/201911/04/2019Not for call-in
19/00140/PREMGR - Premises Licence Grant ref: 224711/04/201911/04/2019Not for call-in
TENOP/3670/19 ref: 224611/04/201911/04/2019Not for call-in
19/00227/HCVRN - HCV Licence Renewal - Mr C Thomas - Plate No T156 ref: 224510/04/201910/04/2019Not for call-in
TENOP/3669/19 - Temporary Event Notice ref: 224411/04/201911/04/2019Not for call-in
TENOP/3668/19 - Temporary Event Notice ref: 224311/04/201911/04/2019Not for call-in
The sale of the greensward to the front and roadside of the privately owned bungalows 2a and 2b Laurel Avenue, Dovercourt to the owners of those bungalows for the use of garden land. ref: 224919/03/201923/04/2019Call-in expired
To agree the acquisition of an electric charging point and to locate it in a parking bay on the Council's parking area on Harwich Quay. ref: 224808/04/201923/04/2019Call-in expired
18/02035/FUL - 9 Mill Street, St Osyth, CO16 8EJ ref: 224210/04/201910/04/2019Not for call-in
18/01679/FUL - Shadow Pit Nursery, Harwich Road, Ardleigh, CO7 7LT ref: 224110/04/201910/04/2019Not for call-in
19/00147/FUL - 209 London Road, Clacton on Sea, CO15 4ED ref: 224010/04/201910/04/2019Not for call-in
To appoint Chipside Ltd as supplier of notice processing and cashless parking solutions for Tendring District Council parking service for a period of three years ref: 223908/04/201908/04/2019Not for call-in
18/02113/DETAIL - 820 St Johns Road Clacton On Sea Essex CO16 8BS ref: 223809/04/201909/04/2019Not for call-in
19/00233/FUL - Hall Farm Church Road Little Bentley Colchester Essex CO7 8SD ref: 223709/04/201909/04/2019Not for call-in
19/00209/FUL - Kersey 11 Long Road Mistley Manningtree Essex CO11 2HN ref: 223609/04/201909/04/2019Not for call-in
18/02062/FUL - East and West Foreshore Wrabness Essex ref: 223509/04/201909/04/2019Not for call-in
19/00216/HCDRN3 - HCD Licence - Mr G Luckhurst - Badge No T366 ref: 223410/04/201910/04/2019Not for call-in
19/00224/BOATMG - Boatman Licence - Mr J Thomson ref: 223310/04/201910/04/2019Not for call-in
19/00215/HCDRN3 - HCD Licence Renewal - Mr P Maskell - Badge No T521 ref: 223210/04/201910/04/2019Not for call-in
19/00202/HCVGR - HCV Grant - Mr R Nash ref: 223110/04/201910/04/2019Not for call-in
TENOP/3667/19 - Temporary Event Notice ref: 223009/04/201909/04/2019Not for call-in
TENOP/3666/19 - Temporary Event Notice ref: 222909/04/201909/04/2019Not for call-in
TENOP/3665/19 - Temporary Event Notice ref: 222809/04/201909/04/2019Not for call-in
TENOP/3664/19 - Temporary Event Notice ref: 222709/04/201909/04/2019Not for call-in
TENOP/3663/19 - Temporary Event Notice ref: 222609/04/201909/04/2019Not for call-in
TENOP/3662/19 - Temporary Event Notice ref: 222509/04/201909/04/2019Not for call-in
TENOP/3661/19 - Temporary Event Notice ref: 222409/04/201909/04/2019Not for call-in
To Grant a Licence over an area of land at Sparrows Corner, Great Oakley ref: 222308/04/201908/04/2019Not for call-in
19/00159/HCDRN3 - HCD Licence - Mr M Davis - Badge No T988 ref: 222208/04/201908/04/2019Not for call-in
19/00034/HCDRN3 - HCD Licence - Mr D Hands - Badge No T935 ref: 222108/04/201908/04/2019Not for call-in
19/00203/HCDRN3 - HCD Licence - Mr W King - Badge No T314 ref: 222008/04/201908/04/2019Not for call-in
19/00047/HCDRN3 - HCD Licence - Mr P Sherman - Badge No T970 ref: 221908/04/201908/04/2019Not for call-in
19/00093/HCDRN3 - HCD Licence - Mr D Starling - Badge No T265 ref: 221808/04/201908/04/2019Not for call-in
19/00103/premgr - Grant of Premises Licence ref: 221705/04/201905/04/2019Not for call-in
05/00821/premcv - Change of DPS ref: 221408/04/201908/04/2019Not for call-in
19/00220/premtr - Transfer Premises Licence ref: 221505/04/201905/04/2019Not for call-in
15/00441/premgr - Change of DPS ref: 221208/04/201908/04/2019Not for call-in
18/00530/premva - Change of DPS ref: 221308/04/201908/04/2019Not for call-in
18/00276/premva - Change of DPS ref: 221008/04/201908/04/2019Not for call-in
16/00346/premva - Change of DPS ref: 221108/04/201908/04/2019Not for call-in
18/00565/PREMTR - Change of DPS ref: 220827/03/201927/03/2019Not for call-in
05/00838/premco - Change of DPS ref: 220908/04/201908/04/2019Not for call-in
11/00913/PREMVA - Change of DPS ref: 220627/03/201927/03/2019Not for call-in
19/00227/FUL - 3 Hereford Court Holland On Sea Clacton On Sea Essex CO15 5PB ref: 220508/04/201908/04/2019Not for call-in
19/00032/FUL - St Osyth Priory The Bury St Osyth Clacton On Sea Essex CO16 8NZ ref: 220408/04/201908/04/2019Not for call-in
Street Naming Decision ref: 221605/04/201916/04/2019Call-in expired
Street Naming and Numbering Decision ref: 220708/04/201916/04/2019Call-in expired
19/00221/HCVRN - HCV Licence - Mr N Carlyle - Plate No T043 ref: 220305/04/201905/04/2019Not for call-in
19/00219/BOATMG - Boatman Licence - Mr A Thomas ref: 220205/04/201905/04/2019Not for call-in
19/00206/GAMNOT - Licensed Premises 2 Machine Notification - Schooner Club ref: 220105/04/201905/04/2019Not for call-in
19/00208/BOATRN - Boat Licence - CRS Marine Ltd - CRS 1 ref: 220005/04/201905/04/2019Not for call-in
19/00209/BOATRN - Boat Licence - CRS Marine Ltd - CRS 2 ref: 219905/04/201905/04/2019Not for call-in
19/00210/BOATMR - Boatman Licence - Mr L Parnell ref: 219805/04/201905/04/2019Not for call-in
19/00211/BOATMG - Boatman Licence - Mr M Burgess ref: 219705/04/201905/04/2019Not for call-in
19/00212/PHVRN - PHV Renewal - Mr M Felgate - Plate No 024 ref: 219605/04/201905/04/2019Not for call-in
19/00213/PHVRN - PHV Renewal - Mr M Felgate - Plate No 285 ref: 219505/04/201905/04/2019Not for call-in
19/00214/HCVRN - HCV Renewal - Mr D Wicks - Plate No T049 ref: 219405/04/201905/04/2019Not for call-in
19/00189/FUL - 15 Holland Park, Clacton on Sea ref: 219304/04/201904/04/2019Not for call-in
19/00205/FUL - Wheatsheaf Cottage, Shop Road, Little Bromley ref: 219204/04/201904/04/2019Not for call-in
19/00228/FUL - 2 Ventnor Drive, Clacton on Sea ref: 219104/04/201904/04/2019Not for call-in
19/00232/FUL - 31 York Road, Brightlingsea ref: 219004/04/201904/04/2019Not for call-in
19/00153/FUL - 157 Holland Road, Clacton on Sea ref: 218904/04/201904/04/2019Not for call-in
19/00221/FUL - Tall Trees, Station Road, Ardleigh ref: 218804/04/201904/04/2019Not for call-in
19/00224/FUL - H M Coastguard, Hastings Avenue, Clacton on Sea ref: 218704/04/201904/04/2019Not for call-in
17/01912/OUT - Land Rear of 3 Mill Lane, Weeley Heath ref: 218604/04/201904/04/2019Not for call-in
19/00364/AGRIC - Newhouse Farm, Hall Road, Great Bromley ref: 218503/04/201903/04/2019Not for call-in
19/00199/ADV - 51 Pier Avenue, Clacton on Sea ref: 218403/04/201903/04/2019Not for call-in
19/00034/FUL - 109 Connaught Avenue, Frinton on Sea ref: 218303/04/201903/04/2019Not for call-in
19/00124/FUL - 63 Tile Barn Lane, Lawford ref: 218203/04/201903/04/2019Not for call-in
18/02111/FUL - 1 Braziers Farm, Beach Road, St Osyth ref: 218103/04/201903/04/2019Not for call-in
19/00200/HCVRN - HCV Licence - Mr B Miah - Plate no T256 ref: 218003/04/201903/04/2019Not for call-in
19/00201/HCVRN - HCV Renewal - Mr P Moore - Plate No T257 ref: 217903/04/201903/04/2019Not for call-in