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Decisions published
Title Date Effective from Call-ins
TENOP/4559/22 - Temporary Event Notice - Shanty Festival, The Redoubt Fort, Harwich ref: 994921/09/202221/09/2022Not for call-in
To consider whether, in principle to release the restrictive covenants relating to 151 Wivenhoe Road, Alresford in order to facilitate development. ref: 994122/09/202206/10/20220
22/00810/FUL 71 Hungerdown Lane Lawford Manningtree ref: 993415/09/202215/09/2022Not for call-in
21/01130/FUL Land at Makins Road And Collier Road Dovercourt ref: 993615/09/202215/09/2022Not for call-in
22/00876/FUL Turpins Farm Elm Tree Avenue Kirby Le Soken ref: 993515/09/202215/09/2022Not for call-in
21/02060/FULHH 9 Fronks Road Dovercourt Harwich ref: 993315/09/202215/09/2022Not for call-in
22/01144/FUL Essex Skipper Rochford Way Frinton On Sea ref: 992815/09/202215/09/2022Not for call-in
21/01088/FUL 80 Norman Way Point Clear Bay St Osyth ref: 992616/09/202216/09/2022Not for call-in
22/01020/FULHH 109 Golf Green Road Jaywick Clacton On Sea ref: 993215/09/202215/09/2022Not for call-in
22/01261/FULHH 35 Baynards Crescent Kirby Cross Frinton On Sea ref: 993115/09/202215/09/2022Not for call-in
22/01252/LUPROP 14 Albert Road Brightlingsea Colchester ref: 993015/09/202215/09/2022Not for call-in
22/01245/FULHH Harvest House Ardleigh Road Little Bromley ref: 992915/09/202215/09/2022Not for call-in
22/01274/COUNOT Craig End The Maltings Ramsey ref: 992716/09/202216/09/2022Not for call-in
20/00449/FUL 18, 18A and 18B Church Street Harwich Essex ref: 992516/09/202216/09/2022Not for call-in
21/01772/VOC Land adjacent Leisureglades Park and Fronting St Johns Road Clacton Road ref: 992416/09/202216/09/2022Not for call-in
22/00888/FUL Land to The rear of The Old Rectory Rectory Road ref: 991614/09/202214/09/2022Not for call-in
22/00755/VOC 11 Stephenson Road Clacton On Sea Essex ref: 992316/09/202216/09/2022Not for call-in
22/01406/NMA The Book Service Colchester Road Frating ref: 992216/09/202216/09/2022Not for call-in
21/00199/FUL Essex House 98 Pier Avenue Clacton On Sea Essex ref: 992116/09/202216/09/2022Not for call-in
22/00675/FUL Topsl House High Street Mistley ref: 991714/09/202214/09/2022Not for call-in
22/01140/LUEX The Greenhouse Land rear of 58 Harwich Road Lawford ref: 992016/09/202216/09/2022Not for call-in
20/00450/LBC 18, 18A and 18B Church Street Harwich Essex ref: 991914/09/202214/09/2022Not for call-in
22/01171/FUL 22 Vaux Avenue Dovercourt Harwich ref: 991814/09/202214/09/2022Not for call-in
22/01240/FULHH Ischia Cliff Parade Walton On The Naze ref: 991514/09/202214/09/2022Not for call-in
22/01319/LUPROP 10 Vermont Close Clacton On Sea Essex ref: 991420/09/202220/09/2022Not for call-in
22/01308/FULHH 29 Park Drive Brightlingsea Colchester ref: 991320/09/202220/09/2022Not for call-in
22/00277/LBC Greythorpe Church Road Brightlingsea ref: 991221/09/202221/09/2022Not for call-in
22/01293/FULHH 46 Thorpe Road Kirby Cross Frinton On Sea ref: 991121/09/202221/09/2022Not for call-in
22/00184/FUL Land adjacent 2 Barnfields Clacton Road ref: 991022/09/202222/09/2022Not for call-in
22/01256/FULHH 22 Hazlemere Road Holland On Sea Clacton On Sea ref: 990922/09/202222/09/2022Not for call-in
22/01282/FULHH Triangles Station Road Bradfield ref: 990822/09/202222/09/2022Not for call-in
Temporary Event Notice - TENOP/4558/22 ref: 990423/09/202223/09/2022Not for call-in
Change of Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS) Application - 22/00516/PREMTR ref: 990323/09/202223/09/2022Not for call-in
Premises Licence Transfer - 22/00516/PREMTR ref: 990223/09/202223/09/2022Not for call-in
Premises Licence Transfer - 22/00510/PREMTR - Franco's Restaurant, Colne Road, Clacton ref: 990022/09/202222/09/2022Not for call-in
Change of Designated Premises Supervisor - 22/00510/PREMTR - Franco's Restaurant, Colne Road, Clacton ref: 990122/09/202222/09/2022Not for call-in
22/00508/STCOLL - Street Collection Permit - Manningtree Stour Valley Rotary ref: 989621/09/202221/09/2022Not for call-in
Temporary Event Notice - TENOP/4560/22 ref: 989822/09/202222/09/2022Not for call-in
Private Hire Vehicle - Change of Vehicle - 22/00511/PHCV ref: 989722/09/202222/09/2022Not for call-in
Change of Designed Premises Supervisor - 20/00488/PREMTR - Pizza Hut, Brook Retail Park, Clacton ref: 989922/09/202222/09/2022Not for call-in
22/00474/DCM - Dovercourt Market - Mr R Hunter ref: 989516/09/202216/09/2022Not for call-in
22/00507/HSECOL - House to House Collection - Manningtree Rotary ref: 989420/09/202220/09/2022Not for call-in
22/00509/HCVRN - Hackney Carriage Vehicle Renewal - Plate No T251 ref: 989321/09/202221/09/2022Not for call-in
TENOP/4557/22 - Temporary Event Notice - Great Bromley Village Hall ref: 989216/09/202216/09/2022Not for call-in
22/00472/HCDRN3 - Hackney Carriage Driver Renewal - Mr J Thomson ref: 989120/09/202220/09/2022Not for call-in
Sale of remaining share in Do It Yourself Shared Ownership Property: 4 Ferndale Road, Dovercourt ref: 989020/09/202220/09/2022Not for call-in
Payment of developer's fees associated with approval of tenant alteration requests relating to 4, 6 and 8 Opal Way, Alresford ref: 988920/09/202220/09/2022Not for call-in
Flu Reimbursements 2022 for Eligible Staff ref: 988812/09/202212/09/2022Not for call-in
22/01274/COUNOT - Craig End, The Maltings, Ramsey, Harwich CO12 5LN ref: 988416/09/202216/09/2022Not for call-in
21/01772/VOC - Land adjacent Leisureglades Park and Fronting St Johns Road, Clacton Road, St Osyth CO16 8HE ref: 988216/09/202216/09/2022Not for call-in
21/01088/FUL - 80 Norman Way, Point Clear Bay, St Osyth CO16 8LN ref: 988616/09/202216/09/2022Not for call-in
21/00199/FUL Essex House, 98 Pier Avenue, Clacton-on-Sea CO15 1NJ ref: 988516/09/202216/09/2022Not for call-in
20/00449/FUL - 18, 18A and 18B Church Street, Harwich Essex CO12 3DS ref: 988116/09/202216/09/2022Not for call-in
Bingo Licence for Martello Holiday Park, Jaywick - Gambling Act 2005 - 22/00451/BIN ref: 988016/09/202216/09/2022Not for call-in
22/00503/HCVGR - Hackney Carriage Vehicle Grant - Plate No T299 ref: 987815/09/202215/09/2022Not for call-in
22/01140/LUEX - The Greenhouse, land rear of 58 Harwich Road, Lawford CO11 2LP ref: 988716/09/202216/09/2022Not for call-in
22/00755/VOC - 11 Stephenson Road, Clacton-on-Sea CO15 4XA ref: 988316/09/202216/09/2022Not for call-in
To agree terms of a new lease in respect of the Old Lifeboat House, East Terrace, Walton ref: 987915/09/202227/09/2022Call-in expired
22/00504/HSECOL - House to House Collection - LEUKAEMIA AND MYELOMA RESEARCH UK ref: 987615/09/202215/09/2022Not for call-in
22/00500/HCVRN - Hackney Carriage Vehicle Renewal - Plate No T207 ref: 987514/09/202214/09/2022Not for call-in
TENOP/4554/22 - Temporary Event Notice - Weeley Village Hall ref: 987414/09/202214/09/2022Not for call-in
TENOP/4556/22 - Temporary Event Notice - Swallows ref: 987314/09/202214/09/2022Not for call-in
TENOP/4555/22 - Temporary Event Notice - Swallows ref: 987214/09/202214/09/2022Not for call-in
TDX2394 : 22 - Personal Licence Grant - Mrs A Murphy ref: 987115/09/202215/09/2022Not for call-in
TDX2395 : 22 - Personal Licence Grant - Mr D J Jacob ref: 987015/09/202215/09/2022Not for call-in
22/00279/FUL The Acorn Rear of St Veda Chapel Road ref: 986913/06/202213/06/2022Not for call-in
22/00882/AGRIC Bradley Hall Farm Whitehall Lane Thorpe Le Soken ref: 986813/06/202213/06/2022Not for call-in
22/00269/FULHH 372 St Johns Road Clacton On Sea Essex ref: 986727/04/202227/04/2022Not for call-in
22/00316/FULHH Lanterns Bromley Road Frating ref: 986627/04/202227/04/2022Not for call-in
22/00394/FULHH 23 Frinton Road Kirby Cross Frinton On Sea ref: 986527/04/202227/04/2022Not for call-in
22/00274/FUL The Coach House Brightlingsea Road Thorrington ref: 986427/04/202227/04/2022Not for call-in
21/00549/FUL Paddock adjacent to Bridge Cottage Main Road Ramsey ref: 986227/04/202227/04/2022Not for call-in
22/00383/LUPROP 7b, 6, 6a, And 5 Rice Bridge Estate Station Road ref: 986327/04/202227/04/2022Not for call-in
22/00259/FULHH 75 The Vineway Dovercourt Harwich ref: 986127/04/202227/04/2022Not for call-in
22/00308/LUPROP Suncroft Red Barn Lane Great Oakley ref: 986027/04/202227/04/2022Not for call-in
22/00294/FULHH Hawthorns Mill Lane Bradfield ref: 985927/04/202227/04/2022Not for call-in
22/00291/VOC Cedars Wignall Street Lawford ref: 985820/04/202220/04/2022Not for call-in
22/00360/COUNOT 5 Hunters Chase Ardleigh Colchester ref: 985620/04/202220/04/2022Not for call-in
22/00359/COUNOT 5 Hunters Chase, Ardleigh ref: 985520/04/202220/04/2022Not for call-in
22/00346/LUPROP The Lilacs Wellington Road Harwich ref: 985420/04/202220/04/2022Not for call-in
22/00244/FULHH 80 Melbourne Road Clacton On Sea Essex ref: 985320/04/202220/04/2022Not for call-in
22/00175/FULHH Barkers Hall, Whitehall Lane, Thorpe-le-Soken ref: 985220/04/202220/04/2022Not for call-in
22/00117/FULHH Butlers Farm, Butlers Lane, Wrabness ref: 985120/04/202220/04/2022Not for call-in
22/00323/FULHH Leveret High Street Thorpe Le Soken ref: 984814/04/202214/04/2022Not for call-in
22/00322/FULHH 3 Badminton Court Badminton Road Jaywick ref: 984914/04/202214/04/2022Not for call-in
21/01863/FUL Oakfield Wood Burial Ground Ash Street Wrabness ref: 984414/04/202214/04/2022Not for call-in
21/01514/FUL Abbott House, 17 Rosemary Road, Clacton-on-Sea ref: 984614/04/202214/04/2022Not for call-in
New Lease over the Club House and Sailing Compound, Angelgate, Harwich ref: 984214/09/202214/09/2022Not for call-in
New Lease over Bateman's Tower, Brightlingsea ref: 984114/09/202214/09/2022Not for call-in
TENOP/4553/22 - Temporary Event Notice - Winyl Ltd Live Music Event - 16 South Street, Manningtree ref: 983813/09/202213/09/2022Not for call-in
TDX2393 : 22 - Personal Licence Grant - Miss J Koziskova ref: 983613/09/202213/09/2022Not for call-in
15/00110/PREMTR - Change of Designated Premises Supervisor - The Mayflower, Parkeston Road, Dovercourt ref: 983713/09/202213/09/2022Not for call-in
22/00502/HCVRN - Hackney Carriage Vehicle Renewal - Plate No T068 ref: 983913/09/202213/09/2022Not for call-in
22/00501/HCVRN - Hackney Carriage Vehicle Renewal - Plate No T114 ref: 984013/09/202213/09/2022Not for call-in
22/00521/NMA St Osyth Priory, The Bury, St Osyth ref: 985719/04/202219/04/2022Not for call-in
22/00522/AGRIC Barn Farm Wix Road Bradfield ref: 985014/04/202214/04/2022Not for call-in
21/02073/FUL Harlech House, Carnarvon Road, Clacton-on-Sea ref: 984714/04/202214/04/2022Not for call-in
21/02008/DEMCON Weeley Railway Station Clacton Road Weeley ref: 984514/04/202214/04/2022Not for call-in
21/01719/FUL Hillside Cottage, Thorpe Road, Tendring ref: 984314/04/202214/04/2022Not for call-in
22/00493/HCVRN - Hackney Carriage Vehicle Renewal - Plate No T048 ref: 983508/09/202208/09/2022Not for call-in
22/00499/HCVRN - Hackney Carriage Vehicle Renewal - Plate No T032 ref: 983413/09/202213/09/2022Not for call-in
22/00496/HCVRN - Hackney Carriage Vehicle Renewal - Plate No T002 ref: 983312/09/202212/09/2022Not for call-in
22/00468/HCDRN3 - Hackney Carriage Driver Renewal - Mr J Leeks ref: 983212/09/202212/09/2022Not for call-in
22/00479/HCDRN3 - Hackney Carriage Driver Renewal - Mr K King ref: 983113/09/202213/09/2022Not for call-in
22/00498/HCDRN3 - Hackney Carriage Driver Renewal - Miss S Conroy ref: 983013/09/202213/09/2022Not for call-in
Commencement of a new managed mobile telephony contract with Class Networks ref: 982910/10/202210/10/2022Not for call-in