Meeting attendance

Venue:   Meeting will be held in accordance with the provisions of SI 2020/392. Link to the live stream is found here:

Contact:    Ian Ford
01255 686584

Meeting attendance
Attendee Role Attendance
Councillor Daniel Land Chairman Present
Councillor Graham Steady Vice-Chairman Present
Councillor Jo Henderson Committee Member Apologies (Business duties)
Councillor Susan Honeywood Committee Member Present
Councillor Nicola Overton Committee Member Apologies (Long term sickness)
Councillor Nick Turner Committee Member Absent (Unspecified)
Councillor Ann Wiggins Committee Member Present
Lisa Hastings Officer In attendance
Linda Trembath Officer In attendance
Ian Ford Officer In attendance
Debbie Bunce Officer In attendance
Matt Cattermole Officer In attendance
Sue Gallone Advisory Member Present
Clarissa Gosling Advisory Member Present
David Irvine Advisory Member Present
Jane Watts Advisory Member Present