Meeting attendance

Venue:   Meeting will be held in accordance with the provisions of SI 2020/392. Link to live stream is found here:

Contact:    Ian Ford Telephone: 01255 686584

Meeting attendance
Attendee Role Attendance
Councillor Neil Stock OBE Chairman Present
Councillor Joy Broderick Committee Member Apologies (Other health-related reason)
Councillor Carlo Guglielmi Committee Member Present
Councillor Paul Honeywood Committee Member Present
Councillor Lynda McWilliams Committee Member Present
Councillor Mary Newton Committee Member Present
Councillor Alex Porter Committee Member Present
Councillor Michael Talbot Committee Member Present
Councillor Terry Allen Spokesperson In attendance
Councillor Jayne Chapman Spokesperson Apologies, sent representative (Business duties) Substituted by Councillor Graham Steady
Councillor Ivan Henderson Spokesperson In attendance
Councillor Gary Scott Spokesperson In attendance
Councillor Mark Stephenson Spokesperson In attendance
Councillor Graham Steady Spokesperson In attendance
Ian Davidson Officer In attendance
Paul Price Officer Absent (Outside body duties)
Lisa Hastings Officer In attendance
Richard Barrett Officer In attendance
Tim Clarke Officer In attendance
Keith Simmons Officer In attendance
Peter Russell Officer In attendance
Ian Ford Officer In attendance
Matt Cattermole Officer In attendance
William Lodge Officer Absent (On leave)
Katie Wilkins Officer Absent (On leave)