Be a Councillor

The Be a Councillor website provides useful information for people living in England thinking about becoming Councillors in their area. We've also provided some useful information about our own Councillors below.

General Information

Tendring has 48 Councillors from different political groups. The job of a Councillor is interesting, takes commitment, involvement in the community and is a stepping stone for a career in politics.

Do I need any qualifications?

The only qualifications you need are an interest in your local community and their community issues.

Do I have the time?

This depends on your Councillor role. All members will be expected to attend full Council meetings which are approximately every 6-8 weeks. Please find a link to the decisions and calendar of meetings in the left hand menu. You may be required to attend further meetings if you are elected to a Committee.

Are you Interested?

To be eligible you must be:

Who to Contact?

For information please visit the Be a Councillor website or Electoral Commission website.

You may also like to contact your local parties - you do not need to join a political party to become a Councillor but many people do.

Frequently Asked Questions about being a Councillor