Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Essex Devo Level 217/11/2023For Determination30/01/2024
Drawdown of Levelling Up Fund and Capital Regeneration Project Government funding allocations17/11/2023For Determination26/01/2024
Options approval for future waste and recycling and street cleaning arrangements15/11/2023For Determination15/03/2024
Approval of Amendments to the Constitution15/11/2023For Determination19/03/2024
Annual Review of the Council's Constitution15/11/2023For Determination16/02/2024
Final Council Tax General Fund and HRA Budget Proposals for 2024-202515/11/2023For Determination26/01/2024
Approval of Housing policies: Tenancy Policy, Tenant Involvement Policy, Housing Anti Social Behaviour Policy13/11/2023For Determination16/02/2024
Approval of Housing policies: Homelessness Prevention Policy; Tenancy Deposit Guarantee Policy; Temporary Accommodation Policy13/11/2023For Determination26/01/2024
Climate Change Action Plan 2024-202810/11/2023For Determination21/05/2024
Climate Change Action Plan 2024-202710/11/2023For Determination15/03/2024