Issue - decisions

16/01/2019 - 19/00004/ENFENQ - Pit Stop Garage, Colchester Road, Gt Bentley

The Council is unable to take formal planning action to prevent the use of the grass verge concerned for parking as the planning permissions 12/00955/FUL and 14/01113/FUL for the use of the site allow car repairs and vehicle sales without any condition preventing use of the grass verge. It is shown as part of the overall site and thus planning permission exists as to its use for vehicle repairs and car sales.
It is claimed that the verge is part of the adopted A133 but this would not prevent the planning use of the verge for these purposes. It may be possible for parking restrictions to be imposed but this would not be a matter for this Council under the above Act. The customer has been referred to the north East Essex Parking Partnership for further advice.
No further action needed. No Breach of Planning Control-case closed.