Issue - decisions

14/12/2018 - Leader of the Council's Item - A.3 - North Essex Garden Communities Ltd - Shareholder Update and Approvals



a)         the implementation of an Interim Business Plan (subject to confirmation of Government funding) for NEGC Ltd for 2018/19 including the associated Budget, as set out in Appendix A to item A.3 of the Report of the Leader of the Council, be approved;


b)         the Financial Procedure Rules for NEGC Ltd, as set out in Appendix B to the above mentioned report, be approved;


c)         this Council’s Section 151 Officer be authorised to agree any allocation of the project funds held by Colchester Borough Council between NEGC and the North Essex Authorities;


d)         the commitment of £100,000 from the Garden Communities Budget in 2018/19 upon a formal request by way of a NEGC Board resolution be approved;


e)         a report be submitted to a future meeting of the Cabinet in respect of funding assumptions for 2019/20; and


f)          the preparation of a full options appraisal of the Garden Communities delivery options to enable Members to take future decisions on potential Development Corporation proposals, with linked oversight arrangements between the North Essex Authorities, be approved.