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Erection of 67 dwellings


Councillor White had earlier declared an interest in Planning Application 18/00194/FUL insofar as his daughter owned an existing property on Tokely Road. Councillor White confirmed that he was not pre-determined.


Councillor Heaney had earlier declared that, due to the fact that she was not present at the meeting where Planning Application 18/00194/FUL was previously before the Committee, she would not participate whilst the Committee deliberated on that application and reached its decision.


Members recalled that this application had originally been considered at Planning Committee on 26 June 2018 when it had been resolved that the application be approved subject to the completion of a Section 106 agreement and a series of planning conditions.


It was reported that, following the Committee’s decision, there had been positive progress in preparing the Section 106 agreement which had now included necessary additional requirements and that it was nearing completion.


It was further reported that the Committee had originally given until 26 December 2018 for the Section 106 agreement to be completed, however, an extension was now sought to allow more time for the completion.


The Committee had before it the published Officer report containing the key planning issues, relevant planning policies, planning history, any response from consultees, written representations received and a recommendation of approval.


At the meeting, an oral presentation was made by the Council’s Planning Team Leader (SC-E) in respect of the application.


Following discussion by the Committee and advice provided by Officers, it was moved by Councillor Baker, seconded by Councillor McWilliams and RESOLVED that the Head of Planning be authorised to grant planning permission for the development subject to:-


a)     By 26 March 2019 the completion of a legal agreement under the provisions of Section 106 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 dealing with the following matters (where relevant):


·        Affordable housing;

·        Provision of Open space and open space maintenance contributions;

·        Children’s play space contribution;

·        Education Contribution – a financial contribution of £311,732 towards local primary provision; £315,710 towards secondary school provision and £48,399 towards secondary school transport costs;

·        Healthcare – a financial contribution of £23,667.


b)     Planning conditions in accordance with those set out below (but with such amendments and additions, if any, to the detailed wording thereof as the Head of Planning (or the equivalent authorised officer) in their discretion considers appropriate).




1. Time limit for commencement of development (Full permission).

2. Details – Compliance with all plans.

3. Landscaping details submission and approval.

4. Landscaping implementation and retention.

5. Tree protection/replacement.

6. Landscape Management Plan.

7. Levels.

8. Principal and secondary means of access.

9. Access/carriageway specification.

10. Details and provision of bicycle storage.

11. Permeable surfacing.

12. Walls fences and boundary treatments.

13. Sustainable Urban Drainage (Where SUDS required and scheme not agreed).

14. Foul water strategy.

15. Lighting Scheme.

16. Materials.

17. Access for the disabled.

18. Garage/car spaces (to be retained).

19. Glazing – obscured (flank wall windows).

20. Construction Management Plan.

21. Parking provision – prior to occupation.

22. Permitted Development Rights restriction.

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