Agenda item

The Council is asked to note any announcements made by the Chairman of the Council.


Veterans and Services Day


The Chairman announced that he had been proud during August 2022 to host the first Veterans and Services Day. Thousands of people had attended to pay their respects to veterans, members of the Armed Forces and to the emergency services. He hoped that this would become an annual event and grow larger.


Clacton Air Show 2022


The Chairman felt that it had been a huge success. He had been very honoured to have two World War II veterans to take the salute from the “Tigers” British Army Parachute Team, who had been treated as heroes by the public and by the members of the Armed Forces who were present. He placed on record his sincere thanks to the Council Officers and everyone else involved in making this event such a huge success.


Kinder Transport Memorial


The Chairman reminded Council that, on 1 September 2022, the Kinder Transport Memorial had been unveiled in Harwich by Dame Stephanie Shirley, who had herself been one of the “Kinder”. The Memorial commemorated the 10,000, mostly Jewish, children who had been rescued from the Nazi regime in 1938/39.


The Chairman informed Members that he had had the great honour of meeting her and other refugees and descendants at this event. He had been humbled to hear their about their experiences. He felt that this was not just an historic event for Harwich or the wider District but was a moment of reflection for the whole world. He urged those Members who had not yet been to go and see the statue and experience the “talking” memorial bench as soon as possible.


The Chairman then invited Councillor I J Henderson, the current Mayor of Harwich Town Council to address the Council.


Councillor Henderson informed Members that he had found it to be an emotional experience not just on the day but working with the committee in the months leading up to the unveiling in fund raising and organising the event. Visiting the foundry in Manningtree with the committee to see the statue being made and reading the inscriptions on the statue had brought home to him just how much this meant to the refugees and their descendants. It was an honour that Harwich had been recognised for its role as a safe haven for those children who had been rescued from the Nazi regime and Harwich Town Council were very pleased to take ownership of the memorial for preservation and safekeeping.


Councillor Henderson outlined the parts played by the then Mayor of Harwich, the local residents, the local Doctors and Dovercourt Holiday Camp (of later Hi-de-Hi fame) in making the children feel safe and secure on their arrival.


Members marked their appreciation for Councillor Henderson’s speech with a round of applause.


The League of TDC Chairmen Group


The Chairman announced that he wished to formulate a “League of Chairmen” group in order to nurture the relationships between the TDC Chairman ‘of the day’ and their predecessors as Chairman. The group would include all past Chairmen whether they were still TDC Members or not. They would be invited to join with the aim of working together for the good of the District and charity. The immediate past TDC Chairman, Councillor Bray, had agreed to assist in forming the group. Further details would be announced at the next Full Council meeting.


Colchester – City Status


The Chairman informed Members that the next day (Wednesday 23 November 2022) would see Colchester officially become a City. He felt that this was a well-deserved recognition and success. On behalf of TDC he recorded his congratulations to all those who had played their part in securing city status. Colchester had been of immense strategic military importance in England’s history stretching from Roman times to the modern era as an Army Garrison town.