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Apologies for Absence and Substitutions

The Committee is asked to note any apologies for absence and substitutions received from Members.


There were apologies for absence received from Councillors Newton (with Councillor Stephenson substituting), Poonian (with Councillor Nicholls substituting), King (with no substitute), Parsons (with no substitute) and Land (with no substitute).


Minutes of the Last Meeting pdf icon PDF 72 KB

To confirm and sign as a correct record, the minutes of the last meeting of the Committee, held on 9 January 2017.


The minutes of the last meeting of the Committee, held on Monday 9 January 2017, were approved as a correct record and signed by the Chairman.


Declarations of Interest

Councillors are invited to declare any Disclosable Pecuniary Interests or other interest, and the nature of it, in relation to any item on the agenda.


Councillor I Henderson declared a Non Pecuniary Interest in minute 35 below by virtue of the fact that he was an Essex County Councillor.


Public Health

The Council’s Head of Environmental Services (John Fox), Public Health Improvement Co-Ordinator (Cassie Barrett) and Essex County Council’s Interim Public Health Specialist (Laura Taylor-Green) will be in attendance to give a presentation to the Committee on Public Health.


The Council’s Head of Environmental Services (John Fox) introduced the Council’s Public Health Improvement Co-Ordinator (Cassie Barrett) and Essex County Council’s Interim Public Health Specialist (Laura Taylor-Green) to the Committee and gave an overview of their roles.


The Council’s Public Health Improvement Co-Ordinator gave a presentation to the Committee on Public Health. The presentation covered the following:


(1) Public Health in Tendring – Local Priorities;

(2) Clacton Seafront Parkrun;

(3) Breastfeeding Welcome Scheme;

(4) Making Every Contact Count (MECC) – Partnership with Provide and Essex County Council Commissioner;

(5) Housing and Hazard Awareness Project;

(6) Upcoming Projects; and

(7) Health and Wellbeing Board.


Officers responded to questions raised by Members on various issues which included:


·        Ensuring that the approach to Public Health was district wide;

·        Community transport options;

·        Reaching out to, and including, those who live in the rural areas of the District;

·        Funding for outdoor Gyms;

·        Mental Health in Schools; and

·        Production of a Health and Wellbeing Strategy.


It was AGREED Cabinet be requested to:-


(a)   look at ways to ensure that public health projects are available across the district;

(b)   look at ways of measuring the success of the work carried out; and

(c)   note concerns that funding was currently in place for a fixed term only and the implications for the future provision of the Public Health Improvement Co-ordinator post.


Report of Management and Members' Support Manager - A.1 - Corporate Enforcement Strategy pdf icon PDF 204 KB

To consult with the Committee on the draft Corporate Enforcement Strategy.

Additional documents:


The Committee had before it a report of the Management and Members’ Support Manager, for consideration of the Council’s draft Corporate Enforcement Strategy. The draft Strategy was attached to the report as Appendix A.


It was reported that:


·        At Cabinet on 16 December 2016, the draft Corporate Enforcement Strategy had been agreed for consultation. Within the Council, it had been agreed that the Strategy be considered by the Planning, Licensing and Community Leadership and Partnerships Committees.


·        The purpose of the Corporate Enforcement Strategy was to set out the overarching “umbrella” principles to apply to all service departments and its Officers within the Council which undertook enforcement functions. 


·        The Council’s enforcement responsibilities and powers covered a wide range of legislation with a variety of formal and informal sanctions, which aimed to protect the interests and rights of people in relation to the environment that they use. The enforcement of regulatory legislation enabled the Council to achieve its priorities contained within the Corporate Plan and fitted with national policy, codes and guidance. 


·        It was important that those enforcement functions were carried out in an equitable, practical and consistent manner, and that both those subject to regulation and those on whose behalf enforcement was carried out could understand the approach taken. The purpose of the Corporate Enforcement Strategy was to explain clearly and publicly summarise Tendring District Council's intended approach towards enforcement and dealing with non-compliance. 


·        It was important to note that the Licensing and Registration and Planning Committees retained the legal responsibility and power with regards to enforcement decisions including the proposed adoption of a corporate Harm Risk Assessment Checklist and Template however, it was intended that some general principles could be agreed across the Councilto form a corporate approach.


·        The draft Strategy included the following sections on how the Council would deal with enforcement:-


o   Openness & Transparency;

o   Helpfulness;

o   Consistency;

o   Proportionality;

o   Targeting resources on higher risk; and

o   Accountability.

Members raised questions on various issues which included:


(1) Costs incurred by the Council in undertaking enforcement and whether any financial deterrent can be introduced for non-compliance;

(2) Ensuring that the cost of non-enforcement was considered for example in economic growth and tourist areas;

(3) The impact of unkempt and derelict areas on the locality; and

(4) Suggested word changes to the draft strategy.


The outcome of the consultation, including the comments made by members of the Committee, would be reported back to Cabinet in early 2017 for consideration in the adoption of the final document.