Meeting documents

13  Minutes of the Meetings of the Premises/Personal Licences Sub-Committee 'B' held on 9 and 20 June 2014
 1 Minutes Premises/Personal Licences Sub-Comittee 'B' 9 June 2014 (28K/bytes) 
 2 Premises/Personal Licences Sub-Committee 'B' 20 June 2014 (21K/bytes) 
14  Minutes of the Meeting of the Premises/Personal Licencs Sub-Commmittee 'C' held on 14 July 2014
 1 Minutes Premises/Personal Licences Sub-Committee 'C' 14 July 2014 (28K/bytes) 
15  Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Visual Inspection Schedule and Process for Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Properietors that Seek to Renew their Vehicle Licence Beyond the Current Maximum Age of Ten Years
 1 A.1 Report and Appendix Visual Inspection Schedule (169K/bytes) 
16  Display Door Advertising on Taxi and Private Hire Vehicles
 1 A.2 Reports and Appendices Door Advertising on Taxis (431K/bytes) 
17  Outcome of the Law Commission Review in Respect of the Future of Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Driver, Vehicle and Operator Licensing in Engla
 1 A.3 Reports and Appendix Outcome of Law Commission (2M/bytes)