Officer decisions

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Officer decisions
Title Date
18/01447/FUL - Treetops First Avenue Frinton On Sea Essex CO13 17/01/2019
18/01821/LBC - 1 Old Customs Houses West Street Harwich Essex CO12 3DG 17/01/2019
18/01897/FUL - Land adjacent and rear to 152 Fronks Road Dovercourt Essex CO12 4EF 17/01/2019
18/01952/FUL - 17 Amerells Road Little Clacton Clacton On Sea Essex CO16 9HA 17/01/2019
18/01972/FUL - 16 Hawkins Road Alresford Colchester Essex CO7 8ED 17/01/2019
18/02013/FUL - Forge House 1 Walton Road Kirby Le Soken Frinton On Sea Essex CO13 0DU 17/01/2019
18/01920/FUL - CFB Boilers Ltd, Brunel Road, Gorse Lane Industrial Estate, Clacton on Sea 16/01/2019
18/01948/FUL - 8 Pine Close, Great Bentley 16/01/2019
18/01741/FUL - 28-29 Marine Parade, Dovercourt 16/01/2019
18/00914/FUL Land at Heath Road St Osyth Essex 15/01/2019
17/02163/FUL Land at St Andrews Road Weeley Essex CO16 9HR 15/01/2019
18/02040/AGRIC Bradfield Lodge Clacton Road Horsley Cross Manningtree Essex CO11 2NS 15/01/2019
18/01407/FUL Middlesex Court Lyon Close Clacton On Sea Essex CO15 6EX 15/01/2019
18/01858/OUT Land adjacent to Grange Farm Bungalow Clacton Road Elmstead Market 15/01/2019
18/01957/FUL - 28 Lymington Avenue, Clacton on Sea, CO15 4PJ 14/01/2019
18/01729/FUL - Wheatsheaf Cottage, Shop Road, Little Bromley, CO11 2PY 14/01/2019
18/01929/FUL - 34 Clover Drive, Thorrington, CO7 8HL 14/01/2019
18/01942/FUL - 43 Harwich Road, Mistley, CO11 1NB 14/01/2019
18/01905/FUL - 1 Hill Cottages, Parsons Hill, Great Bromley, CO7 7JA 14/01/2019
18/01699/FUL - The Priory, Harwich Road, Wrabness, CO11 2UG 14/01/2019
18/02078/NMA - Land adjacent Willow Farm, Mill Lane, Weeley Heath 11/01/2019
18/01901/FUL - Ness House Ash Street Wrabness 11/01/2019
18/01769/FUL - Plough Inn Plough Road Great Bentley 11/01/2019
18/01853/FUL - 39 Second Avenue Frinton On Sea 11/01/2019
18/01851/FUL - Oakdene Cottage Bromley Road Ardleigh Colchester Essex CO7 7SF 10/01/2019
18/01915/FUL - 2A Lydgate Close Lawford Manningtree Essex CO11 2SU 10/01/2019
18/01770/ADV - Plough Inn Plough Road Great Bentley Colchester Essex CO7 8LA 10/01/2019
To agree to the aquisition of an electric vehicle charging point and to locate the charging point in a parking bay on the Councils car parking area at the Quay, Harwich in one of the two existing disabled badge holder only parking bays 09/01/2019
18/01917/COUNOT - Birch Hoe Farm, Pork Lane, Great Holland 09/01/2019
18/01904/FUL - Land South of Bypass Road, North of Colchester Road, St Osyth 09/01/2019
18/01659/FUL - 110 Harwich Road, Mistley 09/01/2019
18/01903/FUL - 3 The Bury, St Osyth 09/01/2019
18/01691/OUT - Leighmark, Golden Lane, Thorpe le Soken 09/01/2019
19/00004/ENFENQ - Pit Stop Garage, Colchester Road, Gt Bentley 09/01/2019
Granting a Wayleave for a BT Cabinet & Joint Box adjacent to 15 Park Road, Clacton 08/01/2019
Adoption of revised Media Plan for Major Emergencies 08/01/2019
18/01865/FUL Homelands Mary Lane South Great Bromley CO7 7UD 08/01/2019
18/01893/FUL 30 The Crescent Frinton On Sea Essex CO13 9AP 08/01/2019
18/01896/FUL 19 Merivale Road Lawford Manningtree Essex CO11 2EA 08/01/2019
18/01889/FUL Rosslyn Coach House Brightlingsea Road Thorrington Colchester Essex CO7 8JJ 08/01/2019
18/01891/FUL Borel House Church Road Thorrington Colchester Essex CO7 8HS 08/01/2019
18/01740/FUL - Rosewalk, 59 Quendon Way, Frinton on Sea, CO13 9PE 07/01/2019
18/01867/FUL - Land to the rear of 14-18 South Street, Manningtree, CO11 1BB 07/01/2019
18/01771/FUL 63 Maltings Wharf Manningtree Essex CO11 1XE 04/01/2019
18/01136/FUL Land to The rear of The Orchards Station Road Thorrington Essex CO7 8JB 04/01/2019
18/01857/FUL Land adjacent The Grange 31 Fourth Avenue Frinton On Sea CO13 9DU 04/01/2019
18/01949/COUNOT Ground Floor Shop 166 Old Road Clacton On Sea Essex CO15 3AY 04/01/2019
18/01850/FUL 21 Elthorne Park Clacton On Sea Essex CO16 7HW 04/01/2019
18/02024/TPO - Land adjacent 45, 47 and 49 Lawford Place Lawford 03/01/2019
18/02025/TPO - 3 The Limes Ardleigh 03/01/2019
18/01628/FUL - 109 Frinton Road, Holland on Sea 03/01/2019
18/01868/FUL - 37 Tower Estate, St Osyth 03/01/2019
18/01413/LBC - Webbs Cottage, Colchester Road, Great Oakley 02/01/2019
18/01412/FUL - Webbs Cottage, Colchester Road, Great Oakley 02/01/2019
18/01864/FUL - Forbourn Motors, High Street, Thorpe le Soken 02/01/2019
18/01886/FUL - 130 High Street, Harwich 02/01/2019
18/01902/FUL - 22 Upper Second Avenue, Frinton on Sea 02/01/2019
18/01855/FUL - Walton Delivery Office, 99 High Street, Walton on the Naze 02/01/2019
18/01993/NMA - 15 Tower Estate, St Osyth 02/01/2019
18/01660/FUL - The Old Ram and Hoggett Inn, Heath Road, Bradfield 02/01/2019
18/00155/ENFENQ - Land at St Andrews Road, Weeley 21/12/2018
New TPO Request - 80 Halstead Road Kirby le Soken 19/12/2018