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We the undersigned petition the council to See to it that conditions at Clacton Leisure Centre are improved, not only short term, but always. Carry out regular inspections and reports of the standard of hygiene and maintenance at Clacton Leisure centre. We urge the responsible authorities to address this matter urgently and ensure that cleanliness is maintained to the highest standards so that all users can enjoy the facilities without any health concerns.

As a local resident of Clacton, I, along with my children, frequent the Clacton Leisure Centre multiple times a week. We value the vital resources it provides for our community. However, the state of cleanliness and maintenance in the swimming pool, toilets, and changing rooms has reached unacceptable levels.

These essential facilities have descended into a state of decay and neglect that not only compromises their usage but presents potential health hazards. According to a survey by the Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group, poorly sanitized leisure facilities such as ours pose significant health risks including transmission of diseases, skin and eye irritations, and gastric discomforts.

Our concern is shared by many members of our community, despite many complaints made no action has been taken. The health and wellbeing of all in Clacton-on-Sea and Tendring count on the upkeep and improvement of these facilities. It is high time that management prioritizes the cleanliness and maintenance of our Leisure Centre.

Join us in this campaign and support the cause for cleaner and safer leisure facilities in Clacton. Please sign our petition today.

This ePetition runs from 08/07/2024 to 09/10/2024.

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