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Decisions published
Title Date Effective from Call-ins
Harwich and Dovercourt Business Improvement Scheme ref: 451307/01/202024/02/2020Call-in expired
19/01145/DETAIL - Land rear of Chapelfield House Bradfield Road Wix Essex CO11 2SG ref: 432810/01/202010/01/2020Not for call-in
19/01559/FUL - Trap House Colchester Road Ardleigh Colchester Essex CO7 7PQ ref: 432710/01/202010/01/2020Not for call-in
19/00891/FUL - 143 Fronks Road Dovercourt Harwich Essex CO12 4EE ref: 432610/01/202010/01/2020Not for call-in
19/01757/FUL - 9 Canterbury Road Holland On Sea Clacton On Sea Essex CO15 5QH ref: 432514/01/202014/01/2020Not for call-in
19/01502/LBC - 1-6 Penrice Court East Terrace Walton On The Naze Essex ref: 432414/01/202014/01/2020Not for call-in
19/01756/FUL - 3 Orchard Close Clacton On Sea Essex CO16 8DT ref: 432313/01/202013/01/2020Not for call-in
19/01199/OUT - 109 Aylesbury Drive Holland On Sea Clacton On Sea Essex CO15 5RD ref: 432213/01/202013/01/2020Not for call-in
19/01869/HHPNOT - 46 Mayes Lane, Ramsey ref: 430616/01/202016/01/2020Not for call-in
19/01779/FUL - 88 Dudley Road, Clacton on Sea ref: 430516/01/202016/01/2020Not for call-in
TDX2200 Personal Licence Grant ref: 430416/01/202016/01/2020Not for call-in
TDX2201 Personal Licence Grant ref: 430316/01/202016/01/2020Not for call-in
20/00018/VEHTEM Hackney Carriage Vehicle Licence ref: 430216/01/202016/01/2020Not for call-in
Brook at Dunthorpe Road, Brook Park West, Clacton - 20/00001/ENFENQ ref: 430102/01/202002/01/2020Not for call-in
6 St Johns Road, Great Clacton - 14/00259/PRE3 ref: 430012/11/201912/11/2019Not for call-in
19/01490/FUL - 2 Edward Close, Little Clacton ref: 429915/01/202015/01/2020Not for call-in
19/01525/FUL - Great Oakley Airfield, Harwich Road, Great Oakley ref: 429815/01/202015/01/2020Not for call-in
19/01540/FUL - Hutleys Caravan Park, Beach Road, St Osyth ref: 429715/01/202015/01/2020Not for call-in
19/01777/FUL - 2 Jubilee Cottages, Clacton Road, Mistley ref: 429615/01/202015/01/2020Not for call-in
20/00014/HCVRN - Plate No T115 - HCV Renewal ref: 429515/01/202015/01/2020Not for call-in
20/00013/HCVRN - Plate No T113 - HCV Renewal ref: 429415/01/202015/01/2020Not for call-in
20/00015/HCVRN HCV Renewal T107 ref: 429315/01/202015/01/2020Not for call-in
TENOP/3955/20 - 104 Kirby Road, Walton on the Naze, 29/08/2020 ref: 429215/01/202015/01/2020Not for call-in
TENOP/3954/20 - Clacton Services Memorial Club 25/01/2020 to 26/01/2020 ref: 429115/01/202015/01/2020Not for call-in
19/01753/FUL - 1 - 7 Broadway, Jaywick ref: 429010/01/202010/01/2020Not for call-in
19/01742/COUNOT - Newbridge Farm, Fox Street, Ardleigh ref: 428910/01/202010/01/2020Not for call-in
20/00004/BOATMG Boatman Licence ref: 428810/01/202010/01/2020Not for call-in
19/00736/SMDSIT Scrap Metal Site Licence ref: 428710/01/202010/01/2020Not for call-in
20/00012/HCVGR Hackney Carriage Vehicle Licence Grant ref: 428610/01/202010/01/2020Not for call-in
Changes to Leisure Operational Budget Quarter 3 2019/20 ref: 428509/01/202018/01/2020Call-in expired
19/01313/OUT - Windyridge Brightlingsea Road Thorrington Colchester Essex CO7 8JL ref: 428409/01/202009/01/2020Not for call-in
19/01361/OUT - 31 Harwich Road Lawford Manningtree Essex CO11 2LS ref: 428309/01/202009/01/2020Not for call-in
19/01669/FUL - 13 Beacon Heights St Osyth Clacton On Sea Essex CO16 8JW ref: 428209/01/202009/01/2020Not for call-in
TENOP/3953/20 Temporary Event Notice Application ref: 428109/01/202009/01/2020Not for call-in
Underletting at 39 Pier Avenue Clacton on Sea ref: 428009/01/202009/01/2020Not for call-in
19/01468/FUL - 4 Balmoral Avenue, Clacton on Sea ref: 427908/01/202008/01/2020Not for call-in
19/01683/FUL - 16 Newgate Street, Walton on the Naze ref: 427808/01/202008/01/2020Not for call-in
19/01737/FUL - 5 Larkfield Road, Great Bentley ref: 427608/01/202008/01/2020Not for call-in
19/01255/FUL - Land adj Paddocks, Gutteridge Hall Lane, Weeley ref: 427708/01/202008/01/2020Not for call-in
19/01460/FUL - Frinton on Sea Primary School, Fifth Avenue, Frinton on Sea ref: 427508/01/202008/01/2020Not for call-in
19/01735/OUT - Three Elms, Harts Lane, Ardleigh ref: 427408/01/202008/01/2020Not for call-in
20/00005/HCCV Hackney Carriage Vehicle Licence Change of Vehicle ref: 427308/01/202008/01/2020Not for call-in
19/01727/FUL - 138A Thorpe Road, Kirby Cross, Frinton on Sea ref: 427007/01/202007/01/2020Not for call-in
19/01714/FUL - 691-717 St Johns Road, St Johns Road, Clacton on Sea ref: 426907/01/202007/01/2020Not for call-in
Street Naming Decision ref: 427208/01/202016/01/2020Call-in expired
Street Naming Decision ref: 427108/01/202015/01/2020Call-in expired
19/00539/DETAIL - Land to the south of Long Road and to West of Clacton Road, Mistley ref: 426807/01/202007/01/2020Not for call-in
20/00008/HCVRN Hackney Carriage Vehicle Licence Renewal ref: 426707/01/202007/01/2020Not for call-in
Domestic Abuse and the Workplace ref: 426607/01/202007/01/2020Not for call-in
20/00006/PHVRN Private Hire Vehicle Licence Renewal ref: 426507/01/202007/01/2020Not for call-in
19/00716/BIN Bingo ref: 426307/01/202007/01/2020Not for call-in
TENOP/3952/20 Temporary Event Notice Application ref: 426407/01/202007/01/2020Not for call-in
19/00717/PREMGR Premises Licence Grant ref: 426207/01/202007/01/2020Not for call-in
20/00002/HCDRN3 Hackney Carriage Driver Licence Renewal ref: 425106/01/202006/01/2020Not for call-in
20/00001/HCVRN Hackney Carriage Vehicle Licence Renewal ref: 425006/01/202006/01/2020Not for call-in
TDX2199 Personal Licence Grant ref: 425206/01/202006/01/2020Not for call-in
TENOP/3951/20 Temporary Event Notice Application ref: 425906/01/202006/01/2020Not for call-in
TENOP/3949/20 Temporary Event Notice Application ref: 425806/01/202006/01/2020Not for call-in
TENOP/3950/20 Temporary Event Notice Application ref: 425706/01/202006/01/2020Not for call-in
TENOP/3948/20 Temporary Event Notice Application ref: 425606/01/202006/01/2020Not for call-in
TENOP/3944/20 Temporary Event Notice Application ref: 425506/01/202006/01/2020Not for call-in
TENOP/3945/20 Temporary Event Notice Application ref: 425406/01/202006/01/2020Not for call-in
TENOP/3946/20 Temporary Event Notice Application ref: 425306/01/202006/01/2020Not for call-in
Street Naming & Numbering Decision ref: 426106/01/202014/01/2020Call-in expired
Acquisition of a single plot of land on Hillman Avenue, Jaywick Sands ref: 426016/12/201914/01/2020Call-in expired
19/01699/FUL - Ashmore Heath Road Bradfield Manningtree Essex CO11 2XD ref: 424903/01/202003/01/2020Not for call-in
19/01692/FUL - 46 Fleetwood Avenue Holland On Sea Clacton On Sea Essex CO15 5SD ref: 424803/01/202003/01/2020Not for call-in
19/01600/FUL - 15 Middleton Close Clacton On Sea Essex CO16 8YT ref: 424703/01/202003/01/2020Not for call-in
19/01439/LBC - 31 Kings Quay Street Harwich Essex CO12 3ES ref: 424603/01/202003/01/2020Not for call-in
19/01670/FUL - Glebe Farm, Clacton Road, Thorrington ref: 424302/01/202002/01/2020Not for call-in
19/01689/FUL - Borel House, Church Road, Thorrington ref: 424402/01/202002/01/2020Not for call-in
19/01687/FUL - Land at Georges Avenue, Brightlingsea ref: 424202/01/202002/01/2020Not for call-in
Premises Licence Variation - 19/00722/PREMVA ref: 424102/01/202002/01/2020Not for call-in
Temporary Event Notice - TENOP/2943/20 ref: 423902/01/202002/01/2020Not for call-in
Temporary Event Notice - TENOP/3947/20 ref: 424002/01/202002/01/2020Not for call-in
19/00197/ENFENQ - Land rear of 5 Festival Close, Weeley ref: 423816/12/201916/12/2019Not for call-in
Appointment of the Membership of the Constitution Review Working Party ref: 424502/01/202002/01/2020Not for call-in
Initiate the property dealing procedure in relation to the potential acquisition of an ex-council owned house in Clacton. ref: 423728/11/201910/01/2020Call-in expired
Grant a new lease of 3 Lower Green House, Brightlingsea ref: 423620/12/201910/01/2020Call-in expired