Meeting documents

17  Minutes of the Last Meeting
 1 Minutes 31 October 2013 (26K/bytes) 
19  Minutes of the Meetings of the Licensing (General Purposes) Sub-Committee held on 25 November 2013 and 27 February 2014
 1 Minutes 25 November 2013 (10K/bytes) 
 2 Minutes 27 February 2014 (10K/bytes) 
20  Licensing Act 2003 - Applications Approved under Delegated Powers
 1 A1 Report and Appendix (56K/bytes) 
21  Proposal to introduce a ‘Reducing the Strength’ Initiative into Clacton Town Centre and its peripheral areas
 1 A2 Report and Appendices (551K/bytes) 
22  To determine a request submitted by the Tendring District Taxi Association to increase the Maximum Upper Age Limit which a Hackney Carriage or Private Hire Vehicle can be Licensed
 1 A3 Report and Appendices (220K/bytes) 
23  Response to Home Office Consultation on Fees under the Licensing Act 2003
 1 A4 Report and Appendices (663K/bytes) 
24  Limited Re-Designation of Prohibited Street Trading Streets to Street Trading Consent Streets in Clacton Town Centre
 1 A5 Report and Appendices (3M/bytes) 
25  Vacancy on Premises/Personal Licences Sub-Committee ‘C’
 1 A6 Report (9K/bytes) 
28  Exempt Minutes 25 November 2013 (14K/bytes)
   Exempt Minutes 27 February 2014 (27K/bytes)